IHS Global Malaysia: Latest Win In HR Space

Oct 02, 2015 1 Min Read

Photo (above): Team IHS Global Malaysia (from left) Daphne Danker, Shankar and Ally Loo, with their wins at the ceremony.


It was IHS Global Malaysia’s night when they bagged four awards at the HR Excellence Awards 2015.

IHS scooped two gold awards for Excellence in Recruitment & Retention Strategy and Excellence in Employee Diversity & Inclusion Strategies categories.

The IHS human resources (HR) team also picked up two bronze awards in the Excellence in Innovative Use of HR Technology and Excellence in Talent Management categories.

Shankar Nagalingam, APAC HR director-talent management, cited that he is very proud of the HR team in Malaysia who have the capabilities to support both regional and global operations. His team focuses on building operations excellence and enhancing customer experience.

A showcase of HR synergy

The HR team in Malaysia continues to develop and attract high-calibre talents through its innovative and proactive strategies. According to Shankar, when new hires come onboard, the HR team and the business leaders take accountability into their entire life cycle at IHS.

IHS also focuses on building simplicity in all its operations. This allows IHS to better serve their internal customers who continue to provide excellent customer experience to their external customers.

In terms of diversity and inclusion initiatives in Malaysia, IHS has firm support from its corporate leaders and IHS managing director, Vimi Ramasamy.

Their HR team continues to spearhead initiatives to promote innovation, creativity and remove any bureaucracies that exist in the system.

Shankar said:

“I am encouraged with my team that continues to lead best practices and strives on being best in class in our brand, talents and ‘great place to work’ efforts. We have great collaboration amongst the business leaders. We are very proud of the strong colleague engagement scores we have in IHS Malaysia.”

In IHS, feedback is taken seriously and every decision matters. As the premier provider of global market, industry and technical expertise, IHS understands the rigour that goes into decisions of great importance, guiding customer with solutions that matches the scope of their needs.

To know more about IHS, visit www.ihs.com
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