#LifeHacks: Timeboxing

Oct 04, 2021 14 Min Video
Calendar Planning
Source:Anete Lusina
Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO of The Leaderonomics Groups, shares the concept of timeboxing.

In this #lifehack, Roshan Thiran shares the simple concept of timeboxing, a simple productivity hack. Roshan shares the benefits of timeboxing and how it benefits your work and your personal life. Simply by putting items/your task into your calendar is sometimes termed “time-boxing.” Check out this quick video on timeboxing and it will change your life!

You can read the full article about timeboxing here.

Collaborator Description:

Roshan is the Founder and CEO of the Leaderonomics Group. He believes that everyone can be a leader and "make a dent in the universe", in their own special ways. He is constantly featured on TV, radio and numerous publications sharing the Science of Building Leaders and on leadership development. Follow him at www.roshanthiran.com

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