Human Resources Online: The Job May Be Done Right, But Is It The Right Job?

Oct 14, 2016 1 Min Read


With a swipe of your finger on your phone, apps have made it easier for candidates to apply for jobs across the world.

Long gone are the days where one would have to rummage through newspaper clippings or telephone booth stands to search for job openings.

While recruiting talent seems much easier today, teams still struggle to find the perfect candidate to fit a role.

This November, Recruitment Asia 2016 brings you a wide array of top-notch Human Resources experts from across Asia to share insights on the best HR practices of today and current trends and challenges in the recruitment industry.

Grab the chance to learn from the best on how to attract and retain not just the best talent, but the right talent for the job.

Conference Dates

Singapore: Nov 1–2, Shangri-La Hotel

Malaysia: Nov 15–16, Connexion@Nexus

Why should you attend the conference?

• Optimise talent acquisition strategies to attract and retain

• Learn from actual case studies and best practices

• Know the future technology trends and innovations in recruitment

• Network with over 150 HR leaders to exchange ideas

• Walk away with expert insights and practical practices in mind

Key Topics:

• The Future of Recruitment in Asia

• Sourcing for The Right Talent

• Collaboration and Partnership in Recruitment

• Employer Branding

• Selection Excellence

• Digital in Recruitment

• Onboarding and Retention


Some of the keynote speakers will be:




Take advantage of the early bird price ending Oct 23, 2016.
To find out more, head to:







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