Connecting People Through Language and Culture

Apr 20, 2020 1 Min Read

Connecting People: Migrants, Refugees and Locals

with Mariana Brilhante

In episode two, host Kim Lim; Co-founder and CEO of PichaEats, interviews Mariana Brilhante; Co-founder and Marketing Head of SPEAK, a non-profit organisation that promotes equality and breaks prejudice. How? Well, by connecting people through language and culture, SPEAK brings migrants, refugees and locals living in the same city together.

So, find out what inspired Mariana to bridge this gap through a language exchange programme that enables anyone to learn a new language and culture. Not to mention, make new friends through community organised events.

So surround yourself with people who are able to help you, in any way that you need. It’s very difficult to achieve things alone, and normally the resources that you have, are not the resources that you need.

Connecting people at SPEAK 1

Community Event, June 2018

Connecting people at SPEAK 2

SPEAK Braga’s 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

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