Working from Home: How Ready Are You?

Aug 06, 2020 1 Min Read

With restrictions in terms of movement being slowly lifted in various parts of the world, many people are returning to their office / place of work. But not all do, and in fact there are talks of how many companies are planning on maintaining policies of some if not total remote working arrangements for some of their workforce.

We already spoke about how remote working, or working from home is not a new trend per se, but instead had been accelerated and imposed by the circumstances the world had to face in the last few months. As such, companies had been forced to adopt it without a chance to fully prepare.

If this is the new normal, and there is much evidence towards that, how ready are companies and individuals to embrace it?

To understand better how the individual workforce perceives working from home, Leaderonomics conducted the following surveys:

  • Employees’ Perspective on WFH
  • Business Owners’ & C-Suites’ Perspective on WFH

Based on the surveys’ analyses and other research evidence, a series of topics would be produced with the aim of providing individual employees and organisations with better understanding of the relatively new concept, identifying best practices for effective working from home, and others.

In addition to insights we got from these two surveys, we will also be referring to some survey questions we had collected responses from a variety of webinars we have ran over the last two months.

Working from Home Series:
Part 1 - New Norms of Working: Driving Engagement in a Virtual World
Part 2 - Working From Home: A New Normal or Existing Trend?
Part 3 - Working From Home as the New Normal: How Ready Are You?
Part 4 - Working From Home: Overcoming Challenges and Developing Steps to Success
Part 5 - Working From Home: Pros & Cons and the Different Arrangements

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