TalentCorp: Life At Work Awards 2015 Finalists And Their Key Highlights

Sep 25, 2015 1 Min Read

Photo (above): Ngieng Sii Jing (second from right), managing director of SunEdison Kuching Sdn Bhd receiving the Special Mention award from Datuk Seri Idris Jala.


Best Malaysian Organisation


Maybank logo

  • Formalised flexible work arrangements, with options for staff to work on fixed flexible schedule, flextime, part-time and flexible work location, amongst others.
  • Women Mentor Women programme is a structured mentoring and coaching programme designed exclusively for women to develop effective future leaders amongst women as well as raise their performance level.



KPJ logo

  • 45% of board members at hospital level are women, 38% at executive committee level.
  • Implemented telecommuting with the IT team, where employees can work from home two days per week.



  • “Let’s PINK Possible” campaign enhances a healthy lifestyle by providing:
    • Free mammogram screening.
    • “Quit Smoking Challenge”.
    • “BMI Challenge”.
    • Daily catered healthy lunches.
  • Childcare leave for employees with children ages 12 and below is available, being an extension of the employee’s medical leave entitlement.


Best International Organisation


IBM logo

  • Support women employees such as enabling nursing mothers to send their milk to their babies at the fastest time possible. Pilot is in the United States with review, for possible consideration in Malaysia.
  • Established “Women in IBM Network Group” (WINGs) to inspire and enable women to achieve their full career and leadership potential.



Dell logo

  • Customised work schedule which is a hybrid of flexible work schedules to cater for global teams across time zones.
  • Introduced a new recruiter goal to proactively drive diverse hiring, whereby every recruiter is to float one female candidate to their selected hiring manager per quarter.


Shell logo

  • Specific diversity and inclusion targets to hire 28% women in technical skill-pool and 50% in the commercial skill-pool.
  • Raising awareness of sponsorship of senior women leaders in all business units, with the country chairman having several senior women leaders under his sponsorship.


Best Lean Organisation


IHS logo

  • Women’s Mentoring Circle to tap on each other’s experiences and thrive together.
  • Implemented Career Comeback Programme (ICare – IHS Career Relaunch) to recruit women professional who took a career break due to various reasons to help facilitate their transition back to the workforce.



Unilever logo

  • Introduced the Maternity and Paternity Support (MAPS) portal which supports employees who are expecting mothers and fathers to manage a smooth transition to parenthood.
  • Has a local diversity target of more than 50% women at top management levels.



  • Target to have a workforce that looks, thinks and behaves like their customers, with recruitment metrics for gender and age and talent planning metric which tracks percentage of women in critical roles.
  • Diversity and Inclusion portal with resources, tools and techniques to provide better insights.


Special Mention For Work-Life Benefits


  • Introduced four weeks of paternity leave and 16 weeks of maternity leave on full pay.
  • Monetary bonus is given to all new parents under the Baby Bonding Bonus Scheme to facilitate the bonding between parents and children.
For more information on Life at Work Awards, visit flexWorkLife.my/events/life-at-work-award-2015
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