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Nov 20, 2015 1 Min Read

Photo above: Nestlé new hires taking the opportunity to engage with region head of Nestlé Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei, Alois Hofbauer over breakfast


So what makes Nestle a great place to work at?

When it comes to the most popular graduate recruiters in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry in Malaysia, there’s one name that stands on top, the Nestlé Group.

For almost 150 years, they’ve set the benchmark for employee satisfaction across the globe, and now, they are ready to set the bar even higher.


Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers (M100) Awards 2015

  • Nestlé Malaysia – Most Popular Graduate Employer in FMCG 2015, 2014, 2013

Knowing your employees

Nestlé realises that talent is everything, and as such, goes to all lengths to ensure their staff are best prepared for work each day.

Since 2009, the “Nestlé & I” survey has been a globally consistent, business-relevant tool aimed at collecting feedback from all employees worldwide in a pursuit to improve their standards.

The “Nestlé & I” Malaysia survey in 2014 particularly highlighted how comfortable the workers were with their working environment, but how inspired they were to regulate the performance of the company.

What our employees say

  • 81% – Consumer Focus: Agreed with Nestlé’s approach towards product quality and consumer needs.
  • 80% – Strategy & Alignment: Felt aligned with Nestlé’s strategies and understand the larger picture.
  • 80% – Engagement: Felt engaged to Nestlé’s cause and fully support Nestle’s values, leadership and managerial style.

“My company supports gender differences.”

“I am proud to work with Nestlé sales that advocates good values (Trust, Respect, Involvement, Pride, Commitment).”

Creating the ‘Nestlé Way’

Whilst diversity and employee welfare have only just reached the top of most corporate agendas, the food and beverage giant has been pioneering its “Nestlé Way” for years, championing simple strategies to develop and sustain conducive working environments, strong leadership and winning cultures.


  • Advocacy of gender balance
  • Greater support for mothers
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Flexible hours


  • Lunch ‘N’ Learn
  • Nursing room
  • Chill-out areas
  • Reaching Out to Community Kids (ROCKS) Programme


  • Fruit day
  • Fitness programme
  • Healthy canteen
  • Health talks & health screenings

What has made the “Nestlé Way” continuously successful is a high performance culture supported by differentiated rewards and development, which is key to the delivery of individual and business objectives.

In Nestlé’s case, it’s been their ability to ensure that employees are aware of how their work impacts the company.

Talent management

A Total Rewards Policy is implemented, aiming to establish value and trust via Fixed Pay, Variable Pay, Benefits, Personal Growth & Development and Work-Life Environment, so as to increase its attraction, retainment and engagement.

‘I’m the next international’ competition

This competition has been particularly popular, with high performing employees gaining the chance to win postings to other Nestlé markets such as Switzerland, United Kingdom, Japan or the Philippines.

Winners of the “I’m The Next International” competition.

Candidates are given assessments that challenge them to act and think under pressure, whilst also empower them to display critical thinking and leadership skills.

Expatriation of team members to countries around the world helps deepen their expertise and develop leadership by getting international experience.

Corporate Mentoring and International Training Programmes are also designed to accelerate talent development through relationship-based support, transfer of experience and insights as well as exposure beyond the current role.

Transform to win

The aim? To inspire employees to create innovative solutions to improve operational practices. This also helps fast track their development and build their authencity and drive.

Employees are encouraged to innovate solutions and establish an implementation process designed to address issues pertaining to:

The bigger picture

It is Nestlé’s forward thinking and clear passion for serving their employees that have seen them maintain their mantle as the most popular graduate recruiters in the FMCG industry in the country.

With Malaysia’s economic climate set to grow rapidly over the next five years, Nestlé Malaysia’s reputation as the nation’s No. 1 choice for undergraduates and recent school-leavers has them in a very strong position.

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