Infographic: How Apple Got Their Customers To Be Their Brand Advocates

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For years, Apple, then led by the late Steve Jobs, was a world innovator and a pioneer in the technology industry. Apple trailblazed in the hardware and software business, making personal computing, well, personal.

Even with the iPhone and the massive shift in company focus, Apple continued to shine by consistently offering one-of-a-kind products. In a way, the tech giant had a special way of making customers feel that their desktops, laptops, and phones were irreplaceable.

Apple products make your personal computing, personal.

Some devices just make your computing experience real and personal.

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Apple also converted their customers into their own brand advocates, or brand evangelists. Apple has their way around creating an element of surprise around a product launch. They leave you hanging until the very last minute so that when they finally unveil a product, you just can’t wait to get your hands on it!

Essentially, Apple was a standout company that didn’t need to sell itself short.

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These are just 10 marketing lessons that we can learn from Apple, but there are plenty more! Check out how Apple has used these marketing techniques to build one of the most well recognised brands in the world.

10 marketing lessons from Apple


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