How Digital Learning Benefits Your Organisation

Mar 14, 2022 1 Min Read
Implementing digital learning at work by using technology.
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Grow Your Organisation with Digital Learning

Hey there. Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution, a period when the world experiences an empathic shift from the traditional era to the digital industry. Since the advent of the web and PCs, individuals and companies now have better access to information than ever before. 

In this era of computers and technology, there have been noticeable shifts from conventional education methods to digital learning platforms. Several technological advancements have enabled more firms to turn to eLearning platforms to improve their employees’ productivity while enriching their lives. 

Organisations are quickly learning the benefits of utilising various digital learning platforms and tools. In fact, statistics indicate that the eLearning market is a USD 197 bil business and will probably reach USD 840 bil in size by 2030. Other studies show that today, 80% of corporations in the US report using digital learning to boost employee retention and enhance educational programmes.

And there is more…

Below, some of the reasons why organisations need to embrace digital learning. 


Infographic by Leaderonomics: How Digital Learning Benefits Your Organisation

Aligns With the Work-From-Home Culture

Now that most organisations have adopted the WFH culture, eLearning emerges as the ideal fit for learning in a work-from-home setup. For instance, as you continue hiring staff remotely, developing an effective training programme enables you to keep up with the necessary remote onboarding requirements.

And, this online learning culture is here to stay. Even as times get easier, more and more firms will continue moving towards digital learning as their principal mode of education.

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Better for the Planet

Another benefit of eLearning – as the pandemic has continuously illustrated – is that it can help lower an organisation’s carbon footprint. It does this by assisting companies to reduce the need for printed materials and preventing the use of biologically harmful inks.

Digital learning also helps reduce carbon emissions. Employees no longer need to travel for miles for in-person training and meetings. Subsequently, reducing the need for large-scale facilities helps corporations save on energy.  

Enhances Skills Across Various Topics

Completing online courses, like the Google Digital Training or Udemy courses, allows you and your team to gain the necessary skills to move up within your firm.

Additionally, finding an appropriate course in your locality can be daunting. Digital platforms offer you a wide variety of programmes enabling you to settle on one that can help you get a promotion or a salary increase. Some digital and blended learning solutions providers even offer a series of bite-sized learning goals according to themes appropriate to today’s working world such as leadership, technology, sales & marketing, and wellness topics.”

There are also no geographical barriers to worry about. You can seamlessly access classes from the comfort of your home office. 

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Improves Employee Engagement

Unlike traditional learning methods that rely heavily on long lectures and thick printouts, digital learning uses a variety of formats like texts, videos, animation and gamification. 

Not every employee processes information the same way as the next. Some prefer scrolling through text, while others do so by watching videos. A digital learning programme allows learners to choose their preferred methods and retain more knowledge. 

And this pays off. An IBM white paper actually shows that e-Learning technologies create a 20% boost in employee engagement, which allows firms to increase their earnings. In fact, research shows that organisations with actively engaged staff have three times the earnings per share growth rate than their counterparts. 

Companies that implement digital learning opportunities also help boost employee productivity, i.e. actively engaged staff equals happy employees and better results. 

It’s Cost-Effective & Efficient

e-Learning can also help reduce various costs compared to traditional learning methods. There is no need to book rooms, make travel arrangements or print out booklets. 

Online materials are generated and shared digitally, which is significantly less expensive than producing actual copies. Moreover, physical documents get outdated and require consistent reproduction, whereas digital material is easier to refresh. 

Provides Hassle-Free Access to Information 

By opting to go digital, organisations do not have to negotiate public transportation or get stuck in endless traffic on the way to class or a training programme. You are good to go as long as you have access to a working laptop or tablet and a reliable internet connection.

If your personnel can complete their courses from home, they also have the added advantage of sharpening their skills in their own environment. It also means that your staff can learn at their own pace. They can probably even take a class twice for better understanding. 

Today’s employees also demand workforce solutions that effortlessly fit their lifestyles. So, offering them training that is accessible whenever they need it helps improve overall personnel morale. 

Helps Firms Keep Up With Ever-Changing Trends

Regular training helps any firm stay ahead with industry trends and regulations. Digital learning allows your organisation to stay informed on any relevant events, legislations and evolving information that is vital for your firm’s success. 

Digital Learning is More Accessible

eLearning courses offer a more accessible and inclusive environment for every individual. On the other hand, traditional learning methods can at times pose harsh obstacles for people with disabilities or sensory impairments. Digital learning platforms overcome this by providing information in an accessible format. 

Whether consciously or not, conventional learning methods within your firm can be a source of stress for your personnel. Providing digital learning platforms helps rid your organisation of these issues and reduces stress amongst your staff.

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Promotes Global Collaboration

With an increasingly progressive workforce, one of the most significant benefits of digital learning is that it can help boost the online collaboration of firms across the firm.

Some of the best eLearning solutions enable personnel from various departments and states to contribute to large-scale company projects and discussions, thus improving firms’ engagement. 

Scalable for Almost Every Employee

As your company grows, so do your digital footsteps. The modern day’s eLearning tools and platforms accommodate new employees effortlessly and rapidly. 

Rather than waiting for the next off-site training programme or in-person class, new staff members log on and commence the learning process from the get-go. It is simply an effective and more efficient way of boosting your firm’s growth and success. 

For instance, organisations like Uber, Amazon, and Airbnb all adopted digital learning programmes with a fraction of their current staff. They built the foundation early on, and today, their eLearning programmes are flourishing, and their firms are experiencing exponential growth. 

Other incredible examples are HubSpot Academy and Skillshare. These organisations began with a handful of online courses and continued to improve their programmes as the years passed. Today, these platforms are some of the top-rated digital learning programmes globally and train millions of users every day. 

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