Raise Your Game: When The Going Gets Tough, You Get Tougher

Jun 25, 2017 1 Min Read

Most of us would have gotten our first dose of leadership from the first leader in our lives – our fathers. One key advice in leadership is to ‘never lose your principles even when the going gets tough’ – something many fathers may have exemplified or advised at least once throughout the course of our lives.

How do you stick to your principles when the going gets tough? What are the key traits needed to ensure that you never let go of your beliefs even in despair?

Prema Jayabalan shares about what it takes to hold firm to your beliefs regardless of your situation and how this enables you to lead a life that is built on a firm foundation.

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Prema was a team lead at Leaderonomics Digital. As a travel enthusiast who loves connecting with people from all walks of life, Prema believes that everything thrown to us by life enhances our development.

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