How To Make Great YouTube Shorts - Lessons From Jenny Hoyos

Oct 25, 2023 38 Min Video
Jenny Hoyos has analysed thousands of shorts and teaches us practical way to build great "shorts"

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Content Creation Strategies

⏳"Every second counts on a short like every single second. Whatever you say you're going to do you end it right after you do it." - Jenny Hoyos highlights the importance of concise and impactful content on short-form platforms like YouTube.


💡"Making content personal and having a personal goal or irony can make people invested in the story."


💡Jenny Hoyos developed her unique style of framing and hook by initially copying other YouTubers' hooks and analyzing which percentage of views was the highest, allowing her to create her own twist and stand out.


💭The best video ideas for Jenny Hoyos come from her personal experiences and thinking about how they can be turned into engaging content, such as her popular video about making a garden.


💡"I don't ask if it'll go viral. I can figure out how to make it viral if I really want to make it so first."


📝Using a list of three steps or three things in a video creates a sense of progress and expectation for viewers, making it easier for them to follow along and stay engaged.


💡Jenny Hoyos believes that setting and following through on expectations in her videos, while also adding a twist, is the key to making them go viral.


💡Jenny Hoyos explains her process of creating YouTube videos, which involves writing the hook and last line first, then filling in the rest with either a rough script or bullet points.


Audience Engagement and Retention

📉 "I noticed on the last second [of the video], it was a huge dip. It was 70% 1 second later it was 45% like a 20-25% drop in 1 second and the retention was 83%."


📈 According to Jenny Hoyos, having a high scroll through rate and retention is crucial for the success of YouTube shorts, with a benchmark of 90% retention for viral reach.


⏳ Jenny Hoyos suggests that the last second of a 34-second video is crucial, as it seems to be where the payoff is, indicating the importance of capturing viewers' attention until the very end.


The key idea of this video is that Jenny Hoyos, a successful YouTuber, achieves viral success by creating concise, attention-grabbing videos with strong visual hooks and compelling stories, and she aims to transition from creating shorts to long-form content to challenge herself and build a stronger relationship with her audience.

  • 🎥 00:00 Jenny Hoyos, an 18-year-old YouTuber, achieves viral success by creating concise, attention-grabbing videos with strong visual hooks and compelling stories. Expand
  • 🔍04:03 The YouTuber analyzed thousands of shorts and discovered that the most popular ones are written at a first-grade reading level, while she found that her ideal readability level is around fifth grade and conducted her own experiment to understand what works for her audience. Expand
  • 🎥 06:47 The YouTuber discovered that removing just one second from a short YouTube video can significantly increase its performance, emphasizing the importance of high retention and a strong first frame, and developed her own style by analyzing and adding her own twist to successful hooks. Expand
  • 📺11:47 The YouTuber uses AI and personal experiences to generate video ideas, narrows them down based on interest, and consults with a video editor to make viral videos. Expand
  • 🎥16:22 The YouTuber creates viral videos by setting expectations and surprising viewers with a twist, aiming for 34-second videos with strong retention rates and using hooks, foreshadowing, and smooth transitions to engage the audience. Expand
  • 🎥22:50 The YouTuber discusses the process of creating engaging videos, including generating ideas, planning the script, and considering the audience's interests. Expand
  • 🎥27:36 The YouTuber discusses their target audience and the difference in content performance between TikTok and YouTube, noting that shorter, more mature videos are preferred on YouTube while short, informative videos with subtitles and visuals are popular on platforms like Instagram Reels. Expand
  • 📺31:15 Jenny Hoyos wants to transition from creating shorts to long form content to challenge herself and build a stronger relationship with her audience, while debunking the belief that YouTube shorts' lack of success on long-form videos is due to the platform rather than the creators themselves.

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