Leadership Nuggets - Grow Out of Your Past

Sep 12, 2021 2 Min Video
Forgetting the Past and Moving Forward Ahead

Grief and difficultly are always around us. We face many hardships and tough situations in this life. No one's life is perfect. In fact, grief is common. But sometimes we dwell too long in the past and don't move forward.

Sometimes, it is grief of things we have lost that hold us back. Sometimes it is a belief that we may not achieve greatness or win in life. Whatever may be holding us back, we need to push past it and move forward. In this short video, Roshan Thiran, shares some of his simple secrets of moving forward and forgetting the past. Watch this short video for some great tips to really live life to the fullest and ensure your life is a daring adventure.

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If you enjoy art, you may enjoy this collection to help you move forward and leave the past behind.

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Roshan is the Founder and “Kuli” of the Leaderonomics Group of companies. He believes that everyone can be a leader and "make a dent in the universe," in their own special ways. He is featured on TV, radio and numerous publications sharing the Science of Building Leaders and on leadership development. Follow him at www.roshanthiran.com

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