Measurement Methods for Employee Engagement

Oct 28, 2020 30 Min Read

Organisations with engaged workforces outshine their competitors. For this reason, it is vital to accurately and continuously assess the engagement levels of your employees.

In this paper, you will find insights on how to estimate employee engagement at the workplace to aid your understanding of how to improve it. We shed light on diverse processes and modern strategies in the hopes of enabling leadership to better estimate engagement levels.

Central to each of our engagement white papers, we present to you Happily, a mobile application to measure and promote employee engagement. It equips organisations with a distinctive engagement method that meets the requirements and operation styles of various outfits.

Lastly, the examples do not specify engagement efforts. Instead, they pinpoint targets that management should seek to operate or enhance.

Employee Engagement Series:
Part 1 - State of Engagement - Engagement in Corporate Organisations

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