Leadership Nuggets

Sep 29, 2020 150 Min Read

This eBook is a compilation of 25 of our best articles from leaderonomics.com. You will find a mixture of inspirational and heart-warming reads that have been carefully curated just for you. 

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Chapter 1: 10 Leadership Lessons to Live By - Jack and Suzy Welch

Chapter 2: Dung is Good? Pain is Better? - Roshan Thiran

Chapter 3: Do You Care Enough to be Honest with Me? - John Maxwell

Chapter 4: Are You Restless or Are You Restful? - Joseph Tan

Chapter 5: Is Meek Leadership a Formula for Making History? - Fabio Malagisi

Chapter 6: Treating Employees Like Pals Can Be a Dangerous Game - Brian Fielkow

Chapter 7: How to Overcome Communications Breakdown - Daniel Goleman

Chapter 8: The Power of Forgiveness: A Key to High-performance Leadership - George Kohlrieser

Chapter 9: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Phil Coulson Shows Us the Joys and Pains of Leadership - Lily Cheah

Chapter 10: Why the Galactic Empire Will Never Strike Back - Roshan Thiran

Chapter 11: Into the Wild - Lim Lay Hsuan

Chapter 12: Luck is Not Luck - Roshan Thiran

Chapter 13: Living Beyond Our Comfort Zone - Zoe Rai

Chapter 14: The 9 Worst Mistakes You Can Ever Make at Work - Travis Bradberry

Chapter 15: 10 Shades of Severus Snape - Jasmine Chuah

Chapter 16: The Procrastinator - Stephanie Ling

Chapter 17: Suffering = Success? - Roshan Thiran

Chapter 18: Managing Difficult Talent - Elisa Dass Avin

Chapter 19: Leadership’s a Stretch - Nigel Teh

Chapter 20: How I Learnt to Walk and Live Again - Dinesh Dorai Raj

Chapter 21: How to Influence Without Authority - Jesse Lyn Stoner

Chapter 22: Go Crazy for Gold - Nina Ti

Chapter 23: Working Parents: Getting the Balance Right - Joseph Tan

Chapter 24: How to Keep Your Leadership Development on Track and Why Most Programmes Fail - Sanjeev Nanavati

Chapter 25: Leaving a Leadership Legacy - Roshan Thiran

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