Three (Science-Backed) Ways To A Happy Life

By Tamara Jayne|18-03-2016 | 1 Min Read


Some people struggle to find happiness. Perhaps, it’s due to how people perceive happiness is, instead of actually letting themselves experience pleasure or feel content.

As we observe International Day of Happiness tomorrow, let’s focus on what we can do to bring that sense of happiness into our lives.

Here are three ways to a happy life, according to scientists:

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1. Practising gratitude can help you lead a happier life

When you’re thankful, you’re more likely to be a more joyful person according to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.

Expressing gratitude has also been proven to generate a more optimistic outlook on life and can even help lower stress levels.

Dr Robert Emmons, gratitude researcher and psychology professor at the University of California, Davis, said, “Life is a series of problems that has to be solved—and a lot of times those problems cause stress.”

He added: “Gratitude can be that stress buster.”


2. Get up and get moving!

Setting some time for a sweat session may not cause happiness, but it can contribute to it.

Besides working out for a more toned physique, physical activity helps our bodies produce disease-fighting proteins—called antibodies—and our brains release endorphins.

While antibodies boost happiness by keeping illnesses at bay, endorphins are feel-good chemicals that improve your mood while promoting feelings of euphoria.

To top it all off, research suggests that regular activity may lead to lasting happiness.

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3. Let it go

And no, this is not a reference to Frozen. However, adopting this outlook can certainly boost overall happiness. Often, it is easier said than done.

Therefore, it is vital to detach yourself from negativity such as mistakes, worries and regrets.

According to therapist Mark Sichel, holding onto resentment and hurt can bind you to the past, and it marks a decision to continue suffering.

So, it is important to make the choice to be happy by forgiving people who hurt you, and moving away from your past that brought you down.

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