Should You Start Looking For A New Job?

Dec 30, 2013 1 Min Read

Of late, you have been dreading getting up for work. Just the mere thought of work increases your stress levels. Is it time to pack your bags and move on?

According to Ryan Kahn, a career coach, founder of The Hired Group, star of MTV’s Hired, and author of Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad, knowing when to leave can be very clear for some but for many people out there, it may not be so obvious.

Although quitting your job may bring upon negative consequences to your financial status and your career path, staying on in a bad situation can turn out to be even worse.

So here are a few signs that indicate that it is time to update your resume and send it out to potential companies.

1. Your skills go unnoticed

Your management does not realise your potential. You have more to offer and you have mentioned it once or twice to your boss but it is not acknowledged.

This has led to you being overlooked for a promotion or leading more challenging projects which you know that you are capable of handling.

2.Your company is turning into a war-zone

This could mean an array of situations. It could be that the company is sinking into bankruptcy. If that is the scenario, then no need for you to drown as well; get a life-jacket and swim to safe shores.

Or it could also be a situation where your company is pushing everyone to hit impossibly big numbers.

The pressure is unacceptable and the office is no longer friendly and warm, but has turned into a cold place with a tense atmosphere. Perhaps it’s time to leave.

3.Work is a piece of cake

This term may put a smile on many faces but remember that it’s not necessarily a good thing if your work is really very easy.

In fact, that means you have mastered your job so well that you can execute everything even in your sleep.

Well, then it is time to wake up to reality. Self-development means facing challenges and learning ways to overcome them. Your work has to have certain hurdles to jump in order for you to stay innovated and grow.

4.Harassment and abuse at work

If you are a victim of harassment, be it verbally or sexually or any other form of illegal behaviour, you should not keep quiet about it. Take the right measures but also keep an open eye for other positions available out there for you.

It may be ugly if you are being bullied by your superior, because even if action is taken after your complaint, you may still have to report to the same person.

If your superior is unethical, then he/she can make your life miserable in the name of revenge. This may affect any room for career progression.

5.Lack of work-life balance

You can’t seem to remember the last time you sat down for a meal with your family because your dinner consists of take-outs that you consume at your office desk whilst working.

You put in really long hours at work and work even during the weekends. Your boss wants you married to your work and to spend every waking hour on office projects and nothing else.

This is a definite indication that it is time to move on before it takes a huge toll on you, especially if it is starting to affect your health.

6.Unappealing salary package

You are being given more assignments and responsibilities to carry out but there seems to be no raise in your pay. People out there who are doing the same thing as you are earning double your salary.

Your workload is getting heavier but not your pocket and you feel that the compensation and benefits offered do not justify your work. Well, it is time to scout around for much better prospects that will give your career a positive turn.

Prema Jayabalan is part of the Digital Learning team at Leaderonomics. As a travel enthusiast who loves connecting with people from all walks of life, Prema believes that everything thrown to us by life enhances our development, hence she loves the fact that the Leaderonomics Digital Learning platform provides an avenue for people to gather valuable insights that will enable them to grow in their professional and personal domains. Click here for more articles.

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Prema was a team lead at Leaderonomics Digital. As a travel enthusiast who loves connecting with people from all walks of life, Prema believes that everything thrown to us by life enhances our development.

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