Is Your Brain Rancid?




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Yes you read it right – RANCID! This scientific message got my attention big time: you must eat anti-oxidants. It is one of the best things you can do for your brain! Anti-oxidants keep you smart, happy, and save your brain from aging.

Free radicals are everywhere – in the air, the water, the food. Free radicals are your brain’s enemy. Fat is the favorite breeding ground for free radicals. Your brain just happens to be the fattiest organ in your body. Your brain also uses a lot of oxygen. Oxygen and fat react to generate free radicals. This process is called oxidization. In short, oxidised fat is rancid. Guess what? A rancid brain doesn’t work very well.

Good news. Anti-oxidants fight off free radicals and keep your brain sharp at any age. The evidence is overwhelming: fruits and vegetables are full of anti-oxidants that are good for your brain. Yet most people don’t eat enough of the right ones. The picture at the top shows the top 20 best brain saving fruits and vegetables (their anti-oxidant capacity appears after each).

What did you notice? They are all deeply coloured. Richly coloured foods are great for your brain. What are you waiting for? Start eating!

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