4 ECM Libra Education Programmes To Help Your Kids Progress

Mar 31, 2017 1 Min Read


Learning difficulties

ECM Libra Foundation contributed to several schools set up for Autism including the Ideas Autism Centre (IAC) in Taman Bukit Templer, Rawang.

The foundation helped fund the development of a set of books by the BOLD Association For Children With Special Needs in Penang, which focused on inclusion and educating other school children on the acceptance of those different from them.

The foundation is one of the sponsors of the GoodKids program established in several schools aimed at improving engagement levels and motivation levels for students.

This program uses a combination of performing arts; mainly percussion and counselling. They have a public concert towards the end of the year, allowing the kids to perform and build their confidence.

It’s not just about education in these programmes; it is about the love for the kids and the need to improve their confidence and self-esteem.


Together with Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), the foundation sponsors tuition programmes targeted at youths in Chinese-speaking communities, with the aim of improving their command of the English language.

Science and Mathematics

As sponsor of the Penang Science Cluster’s Robotics Program which has set up robotics clubs in several schools to inspire those who may want to become engineers, scientists, or get involved in technology, the foundation supports the need for more interest in science and mathematics.

Youth leadership values

Through yearly SPARK camps run with the help of Leaderonomics, the foundation gives underprivileged youths from all states throughout Malaysia an opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Through various projects during these camps that reach out to the community, the youths are taught how to give back to society, no matter what background they may come from.

The foundation also supports activities by Global Peace Foundation; school camps for the underprivileged as well as camps for teachers and headmasters interested in improving their schools. These camps are aimed at giving educators the chance to bond and share their skills and experiences.

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ECM Libra and Leaderonomics work hand in hand to offer fully-customisable camps that are designed to be challenging, rewarding and a fun learning experience. These camps are designed around a desired set of competencies (specified by the client), and typically run anywhere between three and 14 days. Camps can be used to accelerate leadership development for students or as assessment tools to help companies identify top talent.

Contact campus@leaderonomics.com to design your camp for university/college level students today!

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