How to Deal with Gossips and Rumours

Feb 08, 2014 7 Min Video
gossip and rumour
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Managing Gossips & Rumours in the Workplace

Gossip is defined as sharing detrimental information with those who are not part of the problem or part of the solution. Yet, when left unchecked - gossip spreads like wildfire because it contains such an attractive mixture of truth and fiction! People love to hear gossips because it actually makes them feel good to have someone else look bad. This video clip, with Joseph Tan, CEO of Leaderonomics GoodMonday shares with you three difficult steps to take if you are encountering gossips in a personal way.

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Joseph is a Leaderonomics faculty trainer who is passionate about engaging with leaders to transform culture in organisations. Previously, he was CEO of Leaderonomics Good Monday. He is currently based in the United States

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