10 Sure-Fire Ways To Prove You Are A Great Leader!

Mar 31, 2017 1 Min Read


It is so easy to score respect, admiration and trust with these tips!

Leaders are often criticised when they make mistakes. What if we are, in fact, “right” all the time? Leadership is the easiest role to have after all. Here are the top 10 leadership skills you need to ensure that you are the best leader your team and company ever had. . .

1. You are always right, because you say so

You’re the CEO, manager or a department head at the company. You obviously know what’s best for the organisation. Who needs additional input or ideas? All you need is to believe that you know everything, and you will.

2. Tell people what to do

As a leader, all you need to do is to tell others what they should and should not be doing, without any justification. And if they ask “Why?”, reply by saying “Because I know better.” That should shut them up. Everyone likes to be told what to do, anyway. Right?

3. Don’t be afraid to say sorry

Do what you think is right. When others disagree, just say sorry. Make sure you say it in a genuine manner, lest they find out that you don’t really mean it at all. Insincerity, is after all, the quickest way to the top.

4. Only listen to things you want to hear

Promote those who constantly agree with everything you have to say. Hire people who you can synergise with. If they challenge you, make them see why they are wrong and you are right. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Plus, it keeps you motivated!

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5. Don’t get your hands dirty

That’s why you hired your team, right? It is their job to get things done and report to you. All you need to do is dictate how it should be done. That’s a sure-fire way to get you the admiration you deserve.

6. Have undying commitment

Commitment is your middle-name; even at 3am, when your boss is expecting an e-mail response or that project outline. If you are expecting to soar in your career, you need to sacrifice your sleep, family, friends, meals, toilet breaks and vacations. Commitment is a big responsibility and a good leader will never let anything distract him or her from that quality.

7. Pass on the blame

It’s never your fault. A good leader will never admit that he made a mistake. Why should you take the blame, when you are always right at the end of the day? It’s all about YOU when it comes to leadership. *Refer to point 1.

8. Hold long meetings

You need to “interact” with your team. Studies show the more you interact, the more your team will be engaged. So, call for meetings that can last for half a day. Talk about anything and everything. Who needs an agenda when everything is in your mind? Boost productivity and motivate your team with this method because, hey, no one can turn around and say your team is disengaged this way.

9. Take all the credit

You deserve it. You worked so hard in leading your team to do your work for you. If you hadn’t, no work would have been completed. So yes, take pride in your leadership skills and take all the credit.

10. Intervene

Stick your head (and hands and, occasionally, toes) into every project and ensure that every decision goes through you. Trusting a team only leads to further problems. You know exactly what you want and how to get it, and communicating that to your team requires a lot of work because they may or may not understand you.

Nail these 10 points and you will discover how easy it is to be a leader! Have a great April Fool’s Day!



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