Don't Be Decisive (If)

Aug 15, 2020 3 Min Read
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Why Being Decisive is One of the 3 Non-Negotiables of Leadership
Decisions propel. Indecisiveness repels.

The role we are focusing on this week is that of being a Decisive-Ruler

The distinguishing mark of someone in leadership is his or her ability to be decisive especially in moments of pressure or crisis. However, more than the decision itself, the attitude and the mindset of the decision-maker is just as important. It is not just about the substance of the decision but also the spirit of the decision-maker.

Firstly, is the decision made by someone who has anger issues? People seldom make good, sound decisions when they are overwhelmed with a spirit of anger. Anger has a way of clouding the objectivity of an issue because it is obsessed with pushing only a certain point of view (“I am right and you are wrong”).

One key symptom of an angry decision-maker is the tendency to play the blame-game. Instead of owning up to one’s responsibility, the angry decision-maker is never in the wrong, constantly stuck in a rut.

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Secondly, is the decision made by someone with ego issues? The mantra of such a leader could be – “It is my way or the highway!” A great decision is seldom made alone, it is made with the counsel and input of others.

Your ability to accept the perspective of others which are different from yours will indicate how much of a control you have on your ego (the bigger one’s ego, the more close-minded one become). A decision made in a spirit of self-centred pride seldom create a response of ownership in others.

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Thirdly, is the decision made by someone who lacks self-awareness? Competent decision-makers are those who have a sense of self-clarity, they are clear about the basis for their decisions, being aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

In other words, they are aware of what they are inherently good at and also what others are good at (which positions them to be an effective delegator). A decisive leader is also an inter-dependent leader, not an independent one.
Decisiveness is defined as ‘the ability to recognise key factors and finalise difficult decisions’.

How are you doing today in demonstrating decisiveness in your role as a Decisive-Ruler?

This is part 3 of a 3-part series on the non-negotiable roles of a leader click here for part 2).

Check out the 3 videos below to understand this series better and find out more about the 2 non-negotiables of leadership – your leadership depends on it.

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