Mind Over Matter

Feb 20, 2014 1 Min Read
One common argument about leadership is whether it is inborn or whether we train on it, I am sure plenty of books out there speak from both point of views (and probably more). I’m a psychology student, so I always go with my favourite answer; it depends. In that, I believe we are able to choose what we want to be by leveraging on what we are given in nature.Megamind is a typical unsuper-hero. Unsuper-hero because he was originally a villain, typical because as with all good movies, from fighting good, the villain fights FOR good instead. One premise that was evident throughout the story was how Megamind felt that he was destined to be evil, and a loser at evil. Even when given the opportunity to try something different by trying to fight Tighten (the monster he unleashed), he said no, because he is born to be a loser.
So he locked himself up in the prison instead. It was not until something valuable to him was threatened (in this case, a lovely lass) that he decided once and for all, he will fight for good. He had a smart brain which he used for evil, and now he used what he was born with to trick the villain instead. He won.We all are presented opportunities to edge from our comfort zone, what we are “born with” and try new things, things we would never dream of associating ourselves with. Contrary to the common conception that I am a decisive person (or so I am told), it took plenty of trials to finally get to a point where I can push myself to doubt my doubts. I wasn’t born with a decisive skill since young, as a matter of fact I am quite fickle and over-analyse.
My decision to come to UK was one such example, from being so sure, I began to doubt my decision, like most people would at one point or another. It is my nature to doubt, but it is my choice to move pass that and make the best I can. After all, reassuring these doubts help me reflect and realign my goals which is important to keep us on track.While most of us may not have a dude or damsel-in-distress to be our trigger, opportunities will present itself where we choose too see it, and most of the time, the best opportunities are those that challenge you to move beyond what you always thought you are only meant to be.
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