Young Inventors: What Are They Up To?



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Since we published Young Inventors on Aug 16, we have received reader requests for more! Here’s a quick update on these inventors (aged between 16–19 years at the time of invention).

1 Ocean Cleanup Array (2012): Boyan Slat has raised more than US$2mil with the support of people who believe in his cause. Today, he leads a team of approximately 100 people.

2 Catalyst which turns plastic waste into biofuel (2011): Azza Abdel Hamid Faiad is now working with the Egyptian Patent Office to have her idea copyrighted. She aims to eventually scale up her invention.

3 Supercapacitor which charges mobile phones in 20 seconds (2013): Eesha Khare is now a freshman at Harvard University, and still maintains constant access to her research.

4 Heat-generated flashlight (2013): Ann Makosinski won another accolade, this time granted by the Ontario Science Centre, with whom she is working to showcase her project.

Keep a lookout for Young Inventors, Part 2!

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