Are Women Natural-Born Leaders?

Sep 25, 2015 1 Min Read


Strength and leadership can be found in anyone.

Focusing on women, I would like to look at the ways leadership can be cultivated within anyone, especially women, with examples of leading women from around the globe.

Jenny Holloway, chief executive officer of Fashion Enter – a social enterprise working for the betterment of the United Kingdom’s fashion industry – has made waves across the globe, and is in partnership with clients like ASOS and Marks & Spencer.

Looking at this particular case, we dig deeper into the lessons one can learn from this social enterprise.

A personal touch

Holloway greets every person by name and sees the entire team as a huge collaboration. Adding that personal touch to work – greeting people by name, genuinely getting to know your employees, and little acts of kindness towards them – can go a long way.

Not only does morale go up, but personal touches bring a level of relationship whereby you establish the kind of connection with others in the workplace that some might only expect to be found outside professional relationships.

Little things that most people take for granted are key to better relationships and happier people.

A step towards the light

The samples, of which Holloway helped to realise, spurred her to think of ways to streamline garment production in a factory.

Despite that, results were not immediately forthcoming, and she felt a sense of naiveté.

Success is never something that’s immediate, but becomes possible the moment one sets about working towards it. This shows that it’s not just about pushing through, it’s also about looking at the potential outcomes and if the current methods will see them manifest, even if it takes time.

People first

When asked by the interviewer in an article about her proudest moment, she replied, “There are so many, but I really think I’m proudest of the staff we have.” It’s clear she views her people as her top priority.

In any place, it is the people who matter and it is the links and collaborations we make that brings about the best – it’s not just synergy, it’s an essential part of who we are. No person is an island.

Concluding thoughts

Lessons in leadership are found in everyday life, and Holloway’s example stands as one of many women who have made their way through determination and a human heart.

Taking away what is important and sharing that knowledge is the candle that spreads the flame to other candles but in doing so does not lose its light.

Why don’t we start with ourselves?

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