The Leaderonomics Show: “Adapt And Evolve Accordingly,” Says Fang Kai

Dec 13, 2016 1 Min Read

A firm believer that leaders need to always be able to adapt and evolve according to business environment, Low Fang Kai, managing director and founder of VHR Consultancy, shares his experience growing up in a small town before venturing out into the working world with an attitude of continuous learning and self-improvement.

From an engineer to a recruiter, Low has an amazing 15 years of combined corporate and executive search experience, both local and regional exposure. Here are some key takeaways from the interview:

  • Know where you are today and work towards where you want to be in the future. Set your own timeline on when you want to get to your destination.
  • The three things employers are looking for in a candidate is A.S.K – attitude, skills and knowledge. Of the three, attitude supersedes skills and knowledge.
  • Be an information collector by understanding a situation and listening to people, and make things happen.
  • Recognise a gap in the business environment and seize opportunities. Be the one to bridge the gap, make a difference and help people.
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