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Aug 15, 2014 1 Min Read

Stepping out of your comfort zone


I experienced my first ever Model United Nations when I attended this year’s Selangor Model United Nations (SMUN).

Not many people have much knowledge about SMUN. Co-founded by Yau Hui Min, Jarrod Joshua, Arthur Shin, and Joshua Yip in 2012, the aim of SMUN is to provide every student the opportunity to attend the Model United Nations conferences.

Held in Sunway University from Aug 1 to 3, the secretary-generals started the first day with a bang (literally, the opening speaker got to hit the gavel).

Representing the North Korea in my committee, the World’s Conference on Women, I connected with other delegates to come up with a resolution to solve or improve a certain topic.

In my group, we issued a resolution for women empowerment. We spent the rest of the conference collectively reviewing the submitted resolutions and discussing them. We did this through debating to tweak and finalise our submitted resolutions.

Although I only spent three days in SMUN, I have learnt more than I expected from it.

Here are three lessons that have impacted me most:

1 Expand your thinking

The discussions that went on in my committee room have definitely taught me to think on a more macro level, as well as develop a deeper appreciation for the UN delegates who are passionate about making our world a better place.

I was also further reminded that we cannot always zoom in on our country and its problems, but to consider other countries as well.

2 Jump out of your comfort zone

Although I was initially intimidated by everyone’s experience with MUN, the skills that I developed by the end of it were a pleasant surprise.

I never imagined that I would be able to improve my public speaking and confidence in such a short peroid of time.

As I reflected on the three-day conference, I’m thankful that I dived straight into an unfamiliar event despite my fear of the uncertainty that it brought.

Nevertheless, I came out of it with a “growth spurt” of sorts, and I undoubtedly do not regret it.

3 Do not underestimate our youth

SMUN proves just how intelligent and well-informed the rising Generation Z is.

From being able to think on their feet, to knowing about news of the world around them, the capability of our youth is greater than we think.

As parents, teachers, mentors and friends – let us help our community and society by building them up together.

Overall, these valuable lessons have taught me to be a better citizen of the world. It is our responsibility as future leaders to be kept informed about the events occurring around us, and contribute according to the needs that arise from it.

(Photo source: Lars Plougmann)
Sarah looks forward to attending more MUN conferences in the future, and hopes that her schedule permits her to do so. You can contact her at Find out about more upcoming MUN conferences at

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