Terrific Thursday Tails: Tarsiers


Millie Ong


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Tarsiers and Lessons on Leadership

Photo credit (above): Roberto Verzo | Flickr

In the spirit of alliteration, Terrific Thursday Tales Two Talks Tarsiers. I tried.

So, there’s the emoticon O.O and I’m almost certain that it was created after looking at a picture of a Tarsier.

A Tarsier’s eyeballs are the size of its entire brain. Yes, I will say that again. Eyeball Size = Brain Size. Because of how large their eyes are, their heads are extremely heavy relative to their size.

So, their cranial anatomy adapted to be able to allow them to move silently and in balance. These beauties exist in Sarawak and other Southeast Asian Countries.

(Photo credit (above): Roberto Verzo | Flickr)

Anyone feel like it is staring into your soul?

Leadership lesson!

A leader shouldn’t be limited by any potential weaknesses they have, but rather learn to adapt to work with them – like how a Tarsier adapts to their abnormally heavy head and is able to be fully functional.

Until next time. Have a great week!

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