Raise Your Game: What Sports Teams Can Teach Teams At Work


Sashe Kanapathi


1 min read

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In the run-up to the #KL2017 SEA Games, director of corporate solutions at Leaderonomics Sashe Kanapathi shares about how world class teams can teach us about team dynamics.

By looking at key traits that different teams in different sports practice to be successful, we can glean lessons that are relevant to the business world. After all, some lessons are best learnt on the playing field.

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Lessons include:

  • Pass the ball: Don’t try to be a hero.
  • Create diversity in your team: Compile and maximise strengths of your team members.
  • Building a good bench: Develop upcoming talents as part of your succession planning.
  • Pass the baton: Keep information flow going and good communication open.
  • Coaching is key: At work, you need someone who can guide you along in your growth.

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