Raise Your Game: Leading From The Mind’s Eye

Jul 06, 2010 1 Min Read

Part 1

Leading from the mind’s eye simply relates to how you uses your brain and focus where you want to go. If you have a leader who is focusing on the wrong thing, that means you have a leader who can’t control his/her focus. In turn, he/she will get into all kinds of difficulties. Furthermore, to identify when is right or wrong, you have to go in and look at values. You have to understand what are the values that guide the mind’s eye.

Part 2

There is a connection between leading from the mind’s eye and what is happening in Thailand. When your only focus is on overthrowing something (on a negative outcome), then you would miss the perspective. The steps to lead from the mind’s eye are:

  1. Recognise your own state
  2. Build understanding of how your brain works
  3. Use experiences around you to help support you
  4. Be trustable
  5. Identify how we react with people

Part 3

Professor George shares how a ruthless leader transformed himself into a different person after an accident he had with his son.


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