Showcase Saturdays: Ruby Wong Chui Yee

By Lim Lay Hsuan|10-07-2015 | 1 Min Read

Ruby (left) receiving a certificate as the vice president of Academics during the Freshie’s Night

Name: Ruby Wong Chui Yee
Course/University: BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance / INTI International University and Colleges Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with University of Hertfordshire
Experience: Vice president of Academics of INTIMA, INTI KL

Being a student, I never realised my potential to lead until the opportunity came. Through my personal journey, I realised that everyone can be a leader.

There are basically two types of leaders people can be in their lives. The only question is how long they will take to transition from one to another.

The first type are those who can lead themselves. They manage themselves well and impress others around them. These leaders carry out their duties well. However, when they are required to lead in a team, they often find it a challenge to embrace the differences of others.

The second type are leaders who can lead both themselves as well as others. Bringing out the best of their team, these leaders are the ones who can nurture and grow with their team members.

Leading a small group

This one whole year with INTI International University and Colleges Kuala Lumpur was the time where I truly learnt to become a leader. As a high achiever myself, it was a great challenge to carry out tasks or projects with everyone because people are susceptible to mistakes. However, as I continued to venture into this fallen world, I realised that to be a good leader I need to bring out the best in my teammates.

On one occasion during a course project, I struggled to work with one of my course mates because she had stage fright, and we were all required to come forward to make a presentation.

It was something I needed to do to encourage her to conquer her fears, although the easy way out would be to give up on her and move on without her. Our effort and hard work finally paid off. Our presentation was successful and that was when I discovered the noble part of being a leader.

Leading a bigger team

I also took up a role in the student council as the vice president of Academics of the first-ever INTIMA in INTI KL.
Leading a small group was relatively easy. However, leading the whole campus was a different ballgame altogether.
With the aim to enhance student experience and their welfare, it was an exciting journey as it felt very rewarding to see the students enjoying themselves.

As part of the team, we organised the Freshies’ Night for the new students. It was great seeing these students adapting well, and senior students taking the opportunity to make the event a success.

As an INTIMA and a student myself, I personally thought we opened doors for others to succeed.


If you believe that you can lead others well, you play a role in changing the lives of many individuals.

Knowing that there will always be challenges ahead of you, you should press on until you reach the finish line. Trust me, it will be a worthwhile journey of a lifetime.

As for me, my journey continues and I believe many great opportunities will come as I move forward.

If you had an experience during your university/college days that you would like to share, email it in to!

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