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Karen Neoh

19th Jul 2014

2 min read

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WITH all the discussion on sleeping and eating right, and energy management, you might think that we’re all still mooning over ‘the beautiful game‘.

Somehow though, some of us manage to maintain terribly wrong time-zone sleeping patterns, working (or just fretting over work) till the wee hours, long after the World Cup finals. On an individual and organisational level, this week’s collection of articles brings you the importance of rejuvenation, and at times the pitfalls we may need to consider.

Vitality of a Company

We learn that an avocado is not a salad ingredient at all! But nature’s own management guru demonstrating, in its quiet way, that preserving company core values is paramount even as organisations embrace change and stimulate progress – an article by Lily Cheah.

And Jack Chua talks about the lasting legacy of the rejuvenation of Avon.

Regain your Zest & Best

We revisit the parallels between athletes and business executives, and programmes that recognise the Corporate Athlete in all of us.

John Baybay explains why ‘Total Recoil’ is important for sustaining high performance and produces one of my favourite quotes this week “Resting does not mean vegetating into oblivion”; even as Lim Lay Hsuan delves into the various ways that allow us the time and space to progress on the road to mindful leadership.

Now that we’re well into Q3, Cindy Yap and Jason Lee invite us to take stock of where exactly we are in our personal goals, and how we might reboot our personal brands.

If I could, I would prescribe Dancing!

On my part, I believe that taking a year out to live, breathe and immerse myself in the wonders and troubles of Cambodia helped me ground myself, remind me that sticking to my life goal of helping people will always take precedence on my ‘plate’ and that in doing so, my life would be enriched and rejuvenated beyond all expectations. A funny thing was finally learning how to salsa right in the middle of Phnom Penh (above: dancing the rueda with friends and the Cuban Ambassador!).

Do enjoy the reflections and practical tips shared by our esteemed writers and contributors. And if staring reverently at your avocado draws quizzical looks from your breakfast buddies, invite them to join us on our journey to grow leaders and transform the nation

Have a fantastic day!

Karen Neoh

Karen has rather bizarrely maintained a childlike side to herself – always keen to see, learn and do new things. Yet she has remained grounded on finding the best way to help people – especially those who have the skills and heart to do incredible things. To contact Karen or to request a soft copy of the entire collection of Rejuvenation articles, do email . To read more articles on leadership, click HERE. 
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