Leadership In Children And How It Inspires

Dec 16, 2021 2 Min Read
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Book Buddies - An Initiative By Tahaan Jakhwal

Leadership skills are often built from young. This is a story by Tahaan Jakhwal and his journey on how “Book Buddies” came about. I hope it inspires, encourages and touches your heart!

My Inspiration

While the world was going through the COVID pandemic, staying indoors was becoming a way of life. At this time, the only friend we could reach out to was our iPad, Phones, TV & Games. 

As all parents, my parents were concerned on the amount of time we were spending on gadgets. Online schooling was and had been very stressful for all of us. That is when I thought of coming up with a platform which would keep both kids and parents happy and positively engaged.  That’s how “Book Buddies” was born.

About the Platform and The Journey

“Book Buddies” is a book borrow/exchange platform on Whatsapp/Facebook, where kids and parents talk about books like: books they read, their favourite authors/ characters, share reviews, recommend and so on. We loved connecting via Zoom and having fun while learning about books. The purpose of this club is to connect young readers and get them talking/exchanging various genres they read. We would exchange books and have zoom calls discussing book reviews, it is quite fun.

It took a couple of months to get people together as my biggest challenge was to create and spark interest without any face to face meetups. I have learnt that challenges are part of success and we should look at solving the problems step by step. I maintained my focus and slowly got my friends introduced to the platform.

Book Buddies Impact

Today we have 50 members in Malaysia, the United States, Australia and India. With things getting better we plan to meetup face to face soon. Mostly, the parents are in the Whatsapp group and Facebook group to connect with one another as well as be kept in the loop of our activities and meetings. My friends’ parents were very happy about this initiative and connectivity. Infact, they also talk about the books they read on our platform.

My Future Plans

As of now, I am engaging kids around my area. Going forward, I would like to share this platform and space with a larger community so that similar initiatives can be started. I would like to get the Book Buddies members to meet up face to face to discuss books soon! Besides, I would also like to build a community library. Last but not least, I have already started to ask for book donations. 

Editors’ Note

How heart-warming is this story of our dear friend Tahaan? I know I am inspired and encouraged! A young leader, a young friend. So filled with leadership qualities, inspirations, dreams and visions for his life ahead, and already inspiring many at such a young age. I hope that he continues to share this light to those around him! 

What makes children great leaders and role models? 

Nowadays, young ones are instilled with many leadership qualities, allowing them to take up roles as young leaders or role models to those around them. Children make great leaders as they are encapsulated with bright ideas, enthusiasm, confidence and collaborativeness. Children are also honest, real and raw with their thoughts, feelings and opinions. They speak what they mean and are not afraid to share their opinions on certain topics or situations.

Next, children are naturally mindful, caring and observant to the people and things around them. They are sensitive to others’ emotions and tend to value their thoughts and opinions, as much as they are willing to share theirs too. There is no doubt that children are the sweetest, most caring and precious little ones to many of us! 

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Lastly, children make great leaders because they are not afraid to ask questions. They do not fear being seen as weak, or needy whenever they ask for guidance. Many of us should learn from this trait of asking when we are unsure or when we are in need. Asking for guidance is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of willingness to learn and grow from it. 

As leadership skills are built from young, children are able to have a better sense of control in their lives, make decisions and execute great and innovative ideas. It aids in building up resilience too at a young age, molding them to become stronger, braver, more open to taking up risks that will continuously build them up. The young ones truly have a lot of potential inside them and so much to give to those around them.

The traits, character and heart of a child should be something that reminds us to be brave, to be willing, and to lead with faith. Children truly carry a lot of leadership qualities in them. There are so many values we can learn as well as re-learn from the young ones today. Let the young generation be one of the role models in our lives, as they are truly inspiring.

Before you go, check out this video on some leadership tips and lessons we can apply daily!

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About the author
Tahaan Jakhwal is a 12 year old student at Garden International School, Kuala Lumpur, who loves sports and has achieved many great awards at such a young age. He has received a Silver Scouts award, being part of the British Overseas Scouts in his current school. He was also covered by the Tatler magazine, for a green initiative at his school. Recently, Tahaan has also begun a bright and amazing initiative called "Book Buddies" which encourages peers to come together online to read, exchange and share their thoughts on books.

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