Why You Should Get Yourself This Kembara Kepimpinan Book

Aug 14, 2015 3 Min Read
Roshan with Tan Sri Datuk Azman Mokhtar (L) with his copy of the book

The words of change

One of the fiercest debates going on right now is whether our leaders are going to save or destroy this country – and in retrospect, how did we end up this way?

If you take the path of leadership development seriously, like we do at Leaderonomics, you will understand why growing a leader deserves just as much attention as toppling one.

The root of most rot in many organisations, villages and countries can usually be traced to lack of or bad leadership.

In his book Kembara Kepimpinan, Leaderonomics CEO Roshan Thiran addresses our nation’s leadership woes in two ways: first by sharing powerful insights that can help us reassess our “desired outcomes” – and secondly by speaking directly to the Bahasa-speaking community that has remained overlooked and relegated for so long, especially in the area of leadership materials and insights in the language.

Will we ever be able to create leaders who can transform a country, instead of driving it to ruins?

This Malay language book, launched during the height of the country’s political rowing, shows us how.

Packed with leadership adventures reflecting the outrageous and emphatic ways in which leaders around the world have kickstarted revolutions in business, politics and life, this newly released paperback features true examples from Datuk Mokhtar Dahari, Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Sir Richard Branson, José Mourinho and many other global leaders.

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We think we learn from teachers, and we sometimes do. But the great teachers are not always to be found in school or in great laboratories.

Sometimes what we learn depends on our own powers of insight – now expressed in book form. Read Kembara Kepimpinan and change your game today.

If you, as an organisation, would like to explore the opportunity to transform your people into leaders, you can get this book from all bookstores (retail price: RM19.90) from this month onwards. Contact Kuah Sze Mei at szemei@mph.com.my to order in bulk. For orders of more than 1,000 copies, you can have your organisation’s logo printed in this book. It’ll be a priceless gift for all the employees and leaders in your company in their own language.

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