How to Increase Your Leadership by Weighing What Matters

By Leaderonomics|25-06-2020 | 1 Min Read

Effective leaders know that while certain metrics require counting, there are also vital indicators that require weighing.

Let’s face it. Leaders measure.

It’s part of what we do. It’s in our ‘DNA’. We want to know how many, how much, how often, how far and how fast.

But as seasoned leaders will tell you, while counting tells you some important information, that’s often only the beginning. The complete story is only found when you take the time and invest the leadership effort required to weigh less tangible data.

Here are 5 scenarios that call for weighing, not just counting.

1.   When you need to rally support around a cause

Counting may tell you how many are ‘on board’, but effective leaders will want to know WHO is on board. “Do I have the influencers on side?” In other words, effective leaders measure the weight of the voices.

2.   When you need to reverse a trend

Counting may tell you which way the trend is heading (sales are declining, donations are sliding, attendance is plateauing, etc). But effective leaders want to know who has stopped buying (and who has started), and who has stopped giving (and who has increased giving). These are questions of weight.

3.   When you need to respond to criticism

Counting may tell you how many complaints have been received. Effective leaders, though, want to know where those complaints are coming from in order to determine how much validity they might carry. They want to weigh the source of the complaints.

4.   When new ideas are sparking a debate

If you’re unsure which new idea to implement, you won’t necessarily find the best answer by merely counting how many support ‘option A’ versus ‘option B’. Consider who is supporting the ideas. The weight of opinion matters.

5.   When you need to know ‘who has your back’

Counting may tell you how many senior staff showed up for work today, or how many board members make up a quorum. Weighing, though, tells you who you can count on when the going gets tough. Effective leaders weigh levels of support among key stakeholders.

Is counting important? Absolutely. Just be sure your measurement doesn’t end there. If you really want to understand what’s going on behind the numbers, learn to develop the ability to weigh, not just count.

Because very often ‘who’ is more important than ‘how many’.

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Scott Cochrane is the vice president-international of the Global Leadership Network. He is skilled in preaching, nonprofit management, organisational development, stewardship, and volunteer management. His passions include leadership, football and hockey! To engage with him, email us at

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