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(Above: Leadership Development – Leadership Advocates are a network of HR leaders who focus their efforts in developing high performing business leaders who have the potential to be the country’s corporate captains. They collaborate to accelerate leadership development by providing a broader range of work experience and promote transfer of knowledge and expertise between public sector, government-linked corporations and private sector.)


Strengthening partnerships between government and employers

As part of its efforts to address the talent needs of leading employers driving Malaysia’s economic transformation, TalentCorp formed a HR Network aimed to build better and closer partnerships between the Government and the country’s top employers to raise the bar of the HR profession in Malaysia.

Launched by YB Senator Dato’ Sri Idris Jala, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and CEO of PEMANDU on Aug 15, 2014, the TalentCorp HR Network was created to encourage and enhance industry participation in talent development programmes, promote the sharing of best practices in HR (human resources), as well as encourage industry-led initiatives to attract and nurture Malaysian talent.

The event also featured a panel discussion entitled “Is HR a strategic and credible function to address business issues?” which was moderated by Roshan Thiran, CEO of Leaderonomics.

Working together with experienced HR practitioners, the TalentCorp HR Network will focus on four areas important to the national talent agenda.

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P06_2308_TC HR Event_Diversity and Inclusiveness Workstream

Diversity and Inclusiveness: Diversity Advocates are HR leaders who are TalentCorp’s ambassadors in advocating diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace. Their contributions include sharing best practices, facilitating workshops and guiding employers to implement work-life practices, with the aim to increase the participation of women in the workforce and in decision-making positions.

P06_2308_TC HR Event_Graduate Employability Workstream

Graduate Employability: Graduate Advocates partner with TalentCorp to identify areas of focus in relation to graduate employability, including enhancing collaboration between academia and industry and providing feedback on various TalentCorp employability and upskilling programmes, with the aim of producing industry-ready graduates.

P06_2308_TC HR Event_HR Capability Workstream

HR Capability: HR leaders in the HR Capability pillar collaborate with TalentCorp to raise awareness of the need for a higher level of professionalism in HR. These efforts aim to build an adequate pipeline of HR professionals who are business and solution centric in managing human capital so that they can better attract, develop and retain top talents to meet the country’s talent needs in becoming a high income, developed nation.

P06_2308_TC HR Event_YB Senator Dato Sri Idris Jala_Keynote Address

“The role of HR the fraternity is to provide the right balance for the interest of businesses, as well as for the future leadership development and also the interest of the individual. That is why the role of HR is very interesting, you’ve got to be the conscience of the organisation, you have to make it the agenda of the CEO to think long term about the right balance and if you don’t do that then I think you will not make a lot of progress.” – Datuk Seri Idris Jala

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