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May 19, 2014 1 Min Read

All leaders envision productivity in their workplace. More the exception than the rule, creativity and innovation are increasingly demanded of employees.

However, some may say that creativity cannot be learned. If this is so, how can new ideas be generated?

Creativity is one key component in productivity, evident in some companies like Google. Google has a policy where developers are encouraged to devote 20% of their working hours on side projects.

The aim of this policy is to give employees time and space for innovation. As a result, some of their best products, such as Google News, have been crafted.

According to a 2013 article by Vivian Giang called 5 Tricks to Increase Productivity in an Open Office, here are a few ideas on how to shape a more creative and productive environment:

1. Small spaces are sometimes better spaces

There are times when employees need to have their own space to properly focus and think about ideas or problems. Colleagues conversing or laughing aloud, music blasting and other distractions can hinder the ability to concentrate.

Therefore, implement designs for cubicles that give employees their own space. Movable desks and walls help block out distractions in the office.

Positioning couches in more secluded places can also reduce distractions.

2. Have moveable furniture

Employees often have different preferences – some can work with noise and people around, while others need absolute privacy to concentrate.

This is where moveable furniture will be beneficial for everyone.

Have furniture like desks and cabinets that can be modified so that your employees can work either individually or with others.

3. Don’t just sit there

According to a study conducted by the University of Sydney, the chance of dying increases by 15% in four years just by sitting at a desk for eight to 11 hours daily.

Encourage your employees to stand every now and then while working.

There are even treadmill desks and kneeling chairs which have been invented to increase energy and productivity.



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