Can We Win Together?


Sara Yee


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I have a great deal to be thankful for in life, but I do regret not being more active in team sports in school. I swam, played tennis, and had the occasional run-in with a football (but that was more comedic than it was athletic!).

My father was a serious badminton and table tennis player, and I saw how the discipline and perseverance he must have developed from young translated into his work life. More importantly, my father stressed “sportsmanship” – something I hardly ever hear people talk about these days – perhaps because even in team sports, the focus appears to be on the individual rather than the team.

This week, in conjunction with SEA Games 2015, we look at how sports as well as the behind-the-scenes unsung heroes, contribute to the development of leaders, young and old(er).

Marshall Goldsmith likens leadership to a contact sport – addressing the conundrum of how leaders themselves can continue growing, while focusing also on developing the next generation of leaders.

Bouncing in next, Nedim Karaevli revisits the role of team sports in building young leaders, and how team sports can be an important and welcome activity at the work place. For those who aren’t quite ready to don the company football jersey, new rituals like “walking meetings” have also shown a positive impact on creativity!

In a tribute to our sports greats, Prema Jayabalan tells the story of what impact their coaches had throughout their journeys to the top, while Joseph Tan spills the beans on the best kept secret in corporate coaching.

Skipping forward, Jonathan Yabut shares three life lessons from the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, and John Baybay reflects on what the SEA Games means to all of us – Baybay however, could not help but also weigh in on the “Fight of the century”.

On the surface, the next pairing seems to be at odds, but Majura Perashot’s piece on “just say no” and Terry Small’s Brain Bulletin on the effect of negative thinking on our brains are, in fact, in sync. Let us know what you think!

Last but not least, we have an instalment of HR Talk where two HR (human resources) leaders share their thoughts and advice on a question near and dear to our hearts – social media at the office – yes or no? O no!

Onward, upward!


First appeared on Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 6 June 2015

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