‘Let’s Rethink Our Approach To Education, And Collaborate To Compete!’ Says Anne Tham

Mar 28, 2018 1 Min Read

With over 20 years of experience in education, 2 international schools (Sri Emas International School and Dwi Emas International School, the first entrepreneurial school in Malaysia), multiple learning centers, and a Chemistry role-playing game franchise under her belt — Anne  Tham, Managing Director and Founder of the ACE EdVenture group — and her team are on a mission to reinvent education.

Frustrated with outdated teaching methods, she started ACE EdVenture (ACE) — a network of schools that bring a fresh approach to Malaysian education by fostering a dynamic and interactive environment.

With 1,700 students across 3 schools, ACE is home to Malaysia’s first ever entrepreneurial school, which teaches students from the age of 7 how to run profitable, sustainable businesses.

Through her work, Anne has earned several awards including:

  • ASEAN Business Award 2015 – SME Category for Innovation

  • Top 3 Nominee for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Women Category) 2015

  • Her World Woman of the Year 2016

Anne sat down with Leaderonomics and shared her professional insights, and thoughts on education, business and learning.

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Key takeaways:

  • Seek mentors

  • We need to rethink how we approach education

  • Collaboration is a powerful process

  • Create teams that are diverse in skills, strengths and weaknesses


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