Do We Stay Connected Out Of Need?

May 22, 2015 1 Min Read
staying connected through mobile technology

Or do we use mobile technology for the sheer heck of it?

Mobile technology is ubiquitous these days. We browse, message and ‘game’ in an addictive cycle of connectivity. So, it is no surprise to look around and find people twiddling their handheld devices all day long.

All that time spent looking at screens must be worthwhile. But does keeping our noses buried in gadgets, mean that we become so numb and occupied that we forget to keep our noses to the grind?

Thanks to an online poll conducted recently by Leaderonomics – it had to be “online” or else – readers of this career pullout had a chance to weigh in on the debate.

The results of the poll showed that while the majority admitted that mobile technology dominated their lives, the respondents believe it has truly made the world a better place to live and work in.

By and large, readers felt that technology intruded into their privacy and often workflow, but this intrusion had reaped benefits in the workplace that included the freedom of working wherever and whenever they choose.

Twenty-eight percent say that they need mobile technology to keep up with evolution of modern business processes, which has met the changing needs of employees by proffering flexible work arrangements and little or no “facetime” with the bosses.

Readers also rate mobile technology as a quintessential learning tool. It should be noted that since learning is a cognitive process of acquiring new knowledge, it is very possible that, with the constant spew of online information shared by millions around the world, one can possibly learn something new every second.

Decision-making, indicated as one of the top five advantages of mobile technology, is not necessarily tied to the ability to work remotely.

Twenty-eight percent of readers report that prior to making a purchase, access to peer reviews and forums means that they can study and compare products before deciding to buy. Companies who tout their wares on the internet can also expect to receive direct feedback from unhappy customers.

The results of the poll offers us a number of interesting insights. Firstly, readers say privacy issues are a low concern for them when using mobile technology (12%).

A more in-depth study should be able to determine if this opinion is due to a blanket trust for social media sites, unintended ambivalence or simply ignorance of the consequences of security breaches.

Secondly, a percentage of respondents felt threatened by the possibility of receiving negative feedback, as they felt it was more damaging on the internet because the whole world would see it.

Ultimately, those who respond appear to wholeheartedly embrace mobile technology as an integral part of their work and lives.

We thank you for responding to the poll.

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First appeared on Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 23 May 2015

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Nina Ti is part of the team that manages social media and distribution of digital content for Leaderonomics. She writes on HR and management topics. All views and opinions expressed here are her own.

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