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Lim Lay Hsuan


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In riding a tandem bicycle, all the riders need to find the right synergy and synchronise their pedaling to get the tandem to go forward.

In the same analogy (and in my humble opinion), that is how the human resources (HR) department ought to be collaborating with its public relations (PR) and corporate communications (CC) departments.

With global talent cloud gaining traction all around the world, there has been much discussion on how these departments need to collaborate with one another to establish a sustainable HR-PR-CC relationship that can move an organisation forward.

I was initially quite oblivious as to how these departments are inter-related with one another. Since then, I have had the opportunity to communicate with several HR personnel on feature articles.

It was then when I realised how important it was for HR to communicate with their PR and CC, and vice versa, to ensure similar and consistent message is relayed internally (among their employees) and externally (to the public).

The HR-PR integration

Internally, HR crafts memos, emails and newsletters while preparing for the latest policy change and developing the best method of communication strategy to educate employees on areas such as changes to a benefit plan, key performance review process, and diversity and inclusion programmes.

Externally, HR writes advertisements and job scopes for onboarding, maintain corporate blogs, and work with universities and other corporate partners to fill up gaps and initiate talent acceleration programmes.

At its core, HR is very much associated with communication and collaboration.

In today’s interconnected world, it is highly likely that PR and CC departments are responsible in monitoring an organisation’s social media platform and managing media queries and press releases.

Fundamentally, we see that their functions often overlap with one another. In a way, they are company brand champions, determined to maintain a positive corporate image which serve the organisation and the public.

What say you?

  • How should your HR collaborate with your PR/CC to best align employees with an organisation’s communication efforts?
  • How should your PR/CC collaborate with your HR to best motivate employees or to choose the right candidates for the job in an organisation?

Do share with us your views by writing to editor@leaderonomics.com

Well, it is only wise for HR and PR/CC to ride in tandem, and be positioned strategically to work together and not as standalone silos.


First published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 8 November 2014
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