6 Ways To Power Productivity In The Workplace

Nov 09, 2022 6 Min Read

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Improving productivity isn’t always easy to accomplish, but it’s never impossible.

A productive workplace has many benefits. It doesn’t only increase profitability, but it also improves business and customer relationships and lowers production costs. In addition, the more productive a workplace is, the easier it is to achieve organisational growth and build a healthy work environment.

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been in the industry for years, there are ways to power productivity in the workplace. Sometimes, a few small changes can make a difference. There are also instances when a complete overhaul of working practices and procedures is necessary.

To start, here are some of the ways to boost productivity in your workplace:

Acknowledge And Reward Your Employees

Creating and maintaining a productive work environment is essential for both employee satisfaction and company success, emphasising the importance of continuous improvement and supportive practices in the workplace. One of the ways to power workplace productivity is by acknowledging and rewarding your employees when they do a good job. For example, if your employees have done an excellent job in handling the common help desk IT issues, recognising their efforts and rewarding them is always a great idea. Doing so can help boost their work morale and make them work extra harder.

Rewarding and motivating your team may also cultivate a sense of fulfilment and inspire everyone to do their job better and be more productive. Rewards can be anything. For instance, you can surprise your employees with a personal gift or offer them a pay rise. Any reward may help motivate them to put in the extra effort.

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Use Technology Responsibly

In today’s digital world, refusing to leverage technology can be considered a huge mistake for any business. If you want to level up productivity in your workplace, it only makes sense to use technology to your advantage.

At present, there are tools you can use to boost workplace productivity. For example, you can introduce collaborative apps to your employees. Such apps can help make your employees more productive, particularly if your company has a hybrid working environment.

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Pay Importance To Communication

You must ensure each of your employees is aware of your business expectations and how they must act. You’ll be met with a productive and engaged workforce by successfully and actively communicating clear responsibilities and expectations. However, communication should be a two-way channel for the best results.  

You must ask for feedback from your employees to know what changes they want to see and how your organisation must run. It won’t only make them feel more valued and motivated to do their duties. As a result, it can improve productivity in your workplace over time.  

Set Realistic Targets And Individual Goals For Employees

Pushing your employees to the limit of their ability is never a bad idea, but don’t overdo it. Remember that your employees are also humans. They get tired and may need to recharge from time to time.

Being overburdened by countless daily tasks can be the reason employees procrastinate. It may result in unproductiveness and frequent delays. As an employer, you have to assign achievable tasks and let them complete such tasks without pressuring them. This way, your employees will feel motivated while doing their jobs without feeling burdened.

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Unachievable deadlines and burnout are major motivation killers. To prevent that, set realistic goals or targets for your employees. Doing so will help you maintain the productivity of your workplace while allowing your employees to be more effective and aware of their impact on your organisation.

Enhance Workplace Conditions

A comfortable working environment can make a difference in improving productivity in the workplace. Besides, an environment that’s too cold or hot may make it hard for your employees to concentrate. So, ensure your air-conditioning and heating systems are in good running condition to make your employees feel comfortable while working.

There are other ways to improve workplace productivity, and these include the following:

Rethink Workplace Design

One of these is to transform your workplace design. Your workplace design should have a blend of style and comfort. Well-designed office space is a gift that your employees will surely appreciate. It also speaks volumes about your company’s working culture and values. Besides, it’s the first impression that anybody entering the workplace has.

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Your workplace design must focus on comfort. Your employees spend more hours in your office, so comfort must be a primary criterion in the design. Ensure you provide proper amenities, such as leisure rooms, comfortable furniture, a kitchen, nap rooms, and good washrooms.  

Remember that your workplace design must have room for flexibility and personalisation. Instead of employees being stuck to an area, have a co-working space within your workplace where employees can work in teams or alone to change their usual setting. An open office is also becoming more popular these days.

Upgrade Your Workplace Lighting And Colour

Colour affects one’s mood. The physical environment of your workplace, which usually includes ceilings, walls, and lighting, has a significant impact on the ambience of your workplace.

Adding colourful and vibrant elements can change the aura. The colours green and blue are associated with innovation and creativity and have been a preferred choice for most office walls. Red, on the other hand, may help improve one’s concentration. Depending on your preferences, you can add red elements to your product room or in walls for better focus.

Your office must be well-lit. With proper lighting, you can avoid shadows or glare that can cause headaches and fatigue to some employees.

Let Your Employees Breath

Most employees prefer a workplace that offers flexibility or flexible working opportunities. Having a meticulous boss about working styles isn’t good for employees. If you want your workplace to be productive, you should have a flexible working environment.

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Therefore, let your employees have a break to rest, call their loved ones, and take a sip of coffee. Even encouraging employees to play quick games like FreeCell or to solve puzzles can allow your team to relax and mentally refresh.

This way, your employees can recharge to accomplish more every day, improving productivity in your workplace over time.


Improving productivity in the workplace isn’t always easy to accomplish, but it’s never impossible to achieve. Try implementing the above strategies in your workplace, and stick with them. Once you’ve done it right, success will be inevitable.

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