Infographic: The Art And Science Of Game-Based Learning

Jul 13, 2016 1 Min Read

Gamification. It’s the application of game-like elements to any situations or challenges faced in classrooms, businesses or organisations.

Even in human resources (HR), gamification is used as a strategic tool in HR to incorporate fun elements into the recruitment processes, design and gaming contests to understand HR’s ability in dealing with situations and organisational changes to recruit, train and motivate the team better.

Driven primarily by the need to drive greater customer engagement, banks have been seen visibly more actively incorporating gamification by applying game mechanics to increase customer ‘stickiness’ to their products and services.

According to John Brand, for many Asian users however, the idea of gamification is not so much about the competitive rankings or rewards. It’s about the learnings and the journey.

It starts with gaming the classroom first.

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Game-based learning

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