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HBL making it easy for parents!

The COVID-19 pandemic presented challenges to the education sector, especially for children in their early years of learning. As infections increased, home-based learning became necessary for the continuity of learning for Primary 1-5 pupils and special education students in Singapore. While it is a welcome move for parents to protect their children from contracting the disease especially since they aren’t eligible for vaccination, HBL has its own challenges. Besides struggling to juggle between working from home and supporting the kids' learning, parents have the challenge of keeping kids active and healthy while learning from home. However, that is not to say that it is impossible. Here are 5 tips that you can adopt to ensure that your kids stay healthy and active during home-based learning.

1.  Offer healthy foods

Keeping kids healthy starts with giving them the right nutrition that the body requires to stay strong and fight diseases. Ensure that they get a daily dose of all nutrients by keeping a healthy diet for them. The diet should include a lot of fruits and vegetables, starch and proteins. Kids often make a fuss when it's mealtime. Encourage them to eat by making their plates colourful. Take advantage of the foods that are in season and present them interestingly on their plates. Considering that some kids are picky eaters, consider using supplements to ensure that they get the right nutrition. Vitamins such as sugar-free gummies are a good option when it comes to giving kids the right nutrition.

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2.  Encourage outdoor activities

Playing outside doesn’t only enhance physical fitness, it also helps kids have a healthy mind. Being out in nature clears and calms the mind, minimising the chances of developing psychological issues such as mood disorders, stress and anxiety. Kids are more likely to keep exercising if they’re doing an activity that makes them happy. So, turn on some music and have a dance party with your kids or pack plenty of walking for trips outdoors! There is a lot you can do with your kids such as playing childhood games and sports, going for a hike or picnic or going fishing among others. Riding bikes is especially fun and exciting as it allows kids to be active while learning a new skill. Consider investing in a mini dirt bike for your kid. You can find different modes that are designed with kids’ safety in mind.

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3.  Create a workout routine

For the days when your kids can’t head outside to play or when you want them to join you in your workout, it is good to have a workout routine that works for them. Besides enhancing their immune system and brainpower, working out at an early age raises the odds of leading a life of fitness in their later years. However, it is paramount that you use suitable workout equipment that is right for their age. This is especially important in order to ensure their safety when working out. So before buying any workout equipment for your kids, make sure that it follows all the safety standards. They should be light, built to offer safe resistance and free of spindles. Kids love gifts, so you can't go wrong with a gift that promotes movement and exercise. The best gifts to stay active would include rollerblades, bicycles or skateboards which would enable them to get some fresh air!

4.  Include hands-on activities in learning

Listening to a teacher for a long period of time can sometimes get boring, diminishing student engagement in the lesson proceedings. Including hands-on activities allows kids to learn by doing things such as creating something or solving problems. Including such activities during the lessons helps kids stay active and engaged and it enhances retention of what they have learnt. You may wonder what kind of hands-on activities you can include at home. It can be as simple as having them write a poem or creative story during the English lesson or painting in an art class. 

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5. Less screen time

At home learning with electronics often plays an important role. One way that kids can get the most out of their tech is by using computers and tablets to access the curriculum. Technology has become an integral part of our lives overall. It's no wonder that one in three kids is addicted to screens! The problem with children spending so much time on their devices isn't just how it affects them health-wise but also the relationships they have with other people around them throughout every aspect of being human. If you're looking for some easy ways to reduce screen time, there are plenty of options. One way is by eating meals around the table as often as possible and setting up family game night with no phones allowed in order not to be distracted from connecting face-to-face! Encourage your kids to try volunteering at an organisation nearby, they might also make new friends.

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6.  Don’t forget their mental health

Mental health is as important to kids as it is to adults. While physical activities and playing outside helps enhance mental health, keeping a tab on their emotions is also crucial. Kids go through different emotions and feelings that they may not be able to explain or understand. As a parent or teacher in home-based learning, be proactive in identifying and recognising the different emotions in kids. Engage kids in conversations around their emotions and feelings and create a secure environment where kids feel free to express themselves.


With the pandemic still reigning havoc in Singapore, HBL is an element that is likely to continue longer. However, don’t despair. Keeping kids active and healthy is an ingredient that will make HBL easy for you and the kids. Encourage more outdoor activities and create a workout routine for the kids. In addition, try to incorporate hands-on activities in the lessons. Taking care of their mental health and giving them healthy foods is equally crucial in keeping them healthy and active.

We cannot predict when Home-Based Learning is going to be ceased. Children are excited to go back to school and be with their peers. It can only take so much effort and hard work to maintain the retention of your children during this period. However, fret not! Let me introduce you to Necole! → Necole is a state of the art learning platform that curates personalised learning just for you. To find out more about necole, click here or email

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