10 Ways To Find A Great Tech Job In Houston

Sep 20, 2022 8 Min Read

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Studying to get into tech and getting into tech are two different things. There is a clear difference between companies looking for people in the tech industry and tech professionals looking for a job.

The Tech industry is the only industry that looks for talents, or you can even say that talent has the upper hand. There are more companies looking for people than tech professionals looking for jobs.

However, there is one place where this doesn’t play by the rules - Juniors.

Whether we like it or not, it is true that most companies like to hire only experienced candidates. This is the reason why juniors have a hard time entering the market. No company is willing to hire juniors whom they have to train.

At https://www.is-t.net/staffing, they are trying to change the mindset of the companies by offering elaborate knowledge on the skills set of the juniors.

That being said, if you are about to finish your studies or about to finish your studies and look for jobs, you can do that with a little planning.

Here are tips on how to find a tech job as a fresher in Houston.

Keep Learning, Even Though You Have Graduated

This is super important, especially when you are not able to land a job right after completing your graduation. The tech industry is constantly changing and evolving for the better. If you are not able to adapt to these changes, you will fall behind the trend very fast. You will find it even more difficult to find a tech job when that happens.

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The best way to keep up with the trends and evolution is to subscribe to popular tech newsletters. This will help you know what is happening in the current industry. You can even attend webinars held by professionals and learn how the market is changing and what skills are valued in the changing market.

(1) Apply For An Internship Or A Training Program

When you complete graduation, you only have knowledge of theory. You lack the practical knowledge that most companies are looking for. To fill this gap, you need to have practical experience. This can be achieved by taking a training program or working for companies as an intern. 

man standing in front of people sitting beside table with laptop computers

For an internship, little to no experience is required. Once you are in the training program, the program can last up to a year. After completing the program, you will have practical experience in working on different projects and what the market looks like.

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(2) Look For Simple Freelance Jobs

If you are not happy with what you are getting during the training program, there is another lucrative way to gain experience and earn at the same time. Yes, we are talking about doing freelancing jobs.

Freelancing helps you work on the projects you like and earn better than what an intern will earn. Freelancing is done by professionals as well, even after they are employed. 

person sitting on chair using laptop

Doing freelancing helps tech professionals stay updated with what is happening in other technological industries.

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(3) Technical Skills Are Not The Only Thing

Technological skills are not the only skills that will help you survive in the industry. Yes, they will help you earn your bread and butter, but not more than that. If you can't convince a client to work with you, you won’t get the opportunity to use your technical skill.

Hence, it is important that you brush up on your soft skills and highlight your strong suit to the clients. We understand that for a tech-savvy person, knowing the codes is more than enough. But, you also want to be a team person who is good with communication skills.

two men and four women meeting in office

Without good communication skills, you won't be able to make your teammate understand that you are planning for the projects. Hence, prioritise your soft skills as well.

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(4) Make An Effort To Work On Social Media Presence

Today a majority of hearing is taking plans through social media platforms. As a result, new candidates can showcase their skills to tech companies and attract employers on social media. 

Social media presence is important in his day and age. If you want yourself to be found by a reputable company, you need to have a good social media presence.

That being said, you don't have to maintain your presence on social media platforms. For tech employees, there are only a few platforms that help. For instance, LinkedIn, GitHub, Kaggle, and StackOverflow. 

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These platforms are the best places to showcase your skill because it is a hub for tech companies and experts to share their valuable thoughts and find talented candidates for their company.

(5) Don’t Disregard Networking

Networking is the key if you want to get the right tech job for yourself. It might seem like it, but employers like to hire people whom they already know. Furthermore, most employers feel comfortable hiring employees that are referred from a reputable source.

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This is where you can take advantage of social media. You can use social media to build your network and connection. Once your connection is strong enough, you can ask them if someone is hiring tech individuals and share your resume with them. Trust us; this can lead to unexpected positive outcomes.

(6) Give Interviews

If you have just graduated and have no experience in how the industry works or what skill set is required to land a job, start by giving an interview. Even if you are not selected by the company, you will come out with valuable information.

You can use the interviews as an opportunity to talk and discuss the current market, the salary structure, or what is the minimum benchmark to land a job.

The last thing you would want is to crawl out of the employment hole and find that everything has changed from what you know, and you are getting behind the competition.

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(7) Build Projects

When you graduate, there is nothing to your name. You do not have the experience the companies are looking for, you are not affiliated with any company, and you don’t know what your skills are.

people using laptop

To know the answers, you first need to explore your capabilities. This can be done by working on different projects. You don’t have to wait for a client to give you projects. Instead, you can be your own clients and work on projects. 

You can showcase those completed projects for tech companies on your social media platform and attract their attention. Companies are willing to invest in talents if their projects are of high quality and extraordinary.

You just need to leverage this opportunity. If you can do that, you will land a job in a reputable company even without having any experience.

(8) Follow Different Tech Companies For Vacancies

Many companies share their vacancies on their social media. Sometimes they even share vacancies for freshers without any experience and offer training programs. You can take advantage of these opportunities and get one step closer to working for your dream company.

The only thing you need to do is to follow the company everywhere. Follow their website, subscribe to the newsletters, follow their social media page, and follow them everywhere. This will help you track their every movement and highlight the opportunities.

Once they share their vacancies for freshers, take the opportunity and apply. The best part of these opportunities is that you will not only get paid as a trainee but also learn more about the industry.

To make this method more impactful, you can follow several companies instead of sticking with one. This will increase your chances of getting an opportunity.

(9) Follow Market Leaders

Finally, follow market leaders. Market leaders are the ones who are CEOs or hold important positions in reputable companies. You can follow them and consume the information they have. This will help you know what is happening on the market and the skills you need to land a job.

What’s more, if you can attract them with your unique skills and convince them about how you will be beneficial to the organisation, you might get a call for an interview.

man reading magazine

However, it is important to follow the right leaders though. There are many leaders online who maintain a social presence just for their popularity. There is no point in following such leaders. Find leaders who are actually in the industry and use their knowledge for the good of the company. 

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(10) Have Spare Time? Complete Online Courses!

After doing everything, if you get spare time, use it wisely. What we would like you to do is to invest that in taking several online courses or joining webinars held by professionals. This is also a great way to use your time to build knowledge and skills in tech.

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What’s more, getting a certificate course or certificate for attending the webinar builds your Resume. You can add these certificates to your achievement to make your resume unique for employers.

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That’s it for this article. If there is anything you want to know more about landing a tech job in Houston, reach out to us. We will love you and hold a one-to-one conversation.

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