Why Digital Assets Are More Important Than Ever

Oct 25, 2021 5 Min Read
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It is necessary to invest in a reliable DAM tool if you want to get the most out of your digital assets!

In the modern world, digital assets are everywhere. From movies stored in streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix to photos stored in smartphones, most people are interacting with hundreds, if not thousands, of digital assets every day.

But what are digital assets, and why are they so important today? We will go over all that and more in this article.

Understanding digital assets

Most individuals and modern businesses actively create content for their social media accounts, websites, and marketing campaigns. All that digital content used to expand the online footprint and keep brands competitive defines digital assets.

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However, it is important to note that the definition of digital assets goes beyond photos and videos to include other digital files such as documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, and more. Simply put, digital assets can refer to anything represented in a digital form as long it has intrinsic value to an organisation.

Best practices for managing digital assets

While digital assets take quite some time and money to create, organising and storing them as an individual or company is one of the common challenges you are likely to face. This is perhaps because digital assets pile up fast, and it is not unusual to lose or misplace some as your brand grows.

Fortunately, you can invest in a digital asset management (DAM) solution to simplify your digital assets' management, organisation, and storage. If you are not sure what DAM system to choose, read more on this page to understand what it takes to find a perfect solution that best fits your organisation's needs.

Benefits of digital assets:

1. Building brand awareness.

Brand awareness is central to succeeding as a business because it ensures that your brand is on top of your potential client's mind. The more eyes your brand can reach, the more attention you are is likely to attract.

So, when used correctly, digital assets such as company logos and creatively designed advertisement images and videos can be an excellent way of boosting your brand's digital footprint.

2. They can help boost audience engagement.

Proper use of your digital assets can help boost your audience's engagement with your content. For instance, using the right image can trigger your audience to comment, share, or like your content.

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For example, if you fast-food business, sharing images of your products or subjects enjoying the products can help create a connection or a craving with your audience, which is critical in boosting engagement.

3. Your audience has gone digital.

The most significant percentage of your target audience has embraced digital technological advancements. This means the best way to reach them is by embracing digital marketing strategies.

The type of digital content you choose when reaching your target audience matters a lot because it can determine the effectiveness of your content. For example, using visual content when reaching your online audience will have more impact than text-based digital assets because the human brain processes information on an image much faster than would text.

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4. It allows you to reach a bigger audience.

Digital assets have the potential of reaching a wider audience because they are easily sharable. This means that your audience can also be players in marketing campaigns by sharing your content with others in their circles.  

However, choosing your assets should be done carefully, depending on where you intend to use them. Improper choice of digital assets in terms of type and resolutions for any given platform can send the wrong signals or not get the desired attention. For example, in a blog post, you may want to use assets that relate to your subject topic, while social media content images may need to be assets that are catchy and that easily stand out.

Putting it altogether

Building solid brand awareness, boosting audience engagement, reaching the digital client, and increasing your brand's potential reach are some reasons why digital assets are becoming increasingly important in every marketing campaign. However, it’s necessary to invest in a reliable DAM tool if you want to get the most out of your digital assets.

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