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Ignite the passion

SPARK will run from December 13–19, 2015 at Epsom College in Malaysia’s state-of-the-art premises in Bandar Enstek, Sepang.

Malaysian youth aged 13–16 (Form 1 to Form 4) will be selected from all over Malaysia, from diverse backgrounds to participate in this unique opportunity to learn and grow together.

All participants will be fully sponsored and accommodated at Epsom’s boarding houses during the duration of the programme.

Leaderonomics, the organiser, is a social enterprise dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential as leaders.

The programme will be experiential in nature and will include projects, game-based learning, leadership sharing by prominent Malaysian leaders, field trips to Putrajaya, fun group activities and numerous growth and development opportunities for the participants.

The objective

The SPARK Leadership Programme sets out to:

  • provide an opportunity to deserving students from all over Malaysia to discover their true leadership potential.
  • enable Malaysian youth to learn and practise leadership.
  • inspire future leaders amongst the youth in Malaysia by challenging them to apply their newly learnt leadership skills to community projects that will make a difference in their immediate communities.
  • encourage an active sharing of ideas on issues and challenges of shared concern and interest, and work on impacting their community with the guidance of facilitators who act as their mentors.

LEAD Challenge

The integral part of SPARK is the live project called the LEAD Challenge, which participants must complete in order to graduate from the programme.

Here, participants are divided into teams and allocated a sum of money to design, develop and execute a live community project throughout the programme.

The LEAD Challenge aims to:

  • provide participants with hands-on experience in project management.
  • provide guidance on how they can play a role in making a difference in their communities.
  • help its 80 participants develop their sense of self-awareness, critical and creative thinking, communication and confidence.
  • provide foundational tools to chart the participants’ own leadership journey.

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How we learnt to be a leader

Aldrin Peter Aloysius, 16, SPARK 2014

“You manage things, you lead people. This is what I learnt as one of the participants from Sabah at the 2014 Spark Leadership Programme, together with other representatives aged 13 to 17 from all over Malaysia.
We had the opportunity to learn and practice leadership and discover our true leadership potential. During camp, we completed projects, went on field trips, experienced game-based learning, participated in sporting activities and had so much fun. One project that made a huge impact on me was the Lead Challenge Project. It gave us hands-on experience – we visited an orphanage and spent valuable time with the children there. Thereafter, we were asked to make a presentation about that particular project.
It sure did give us butterflies and more interestingly, we were evaluated by successful Malaysian leaders. How fantastic is that? Through all that hard work and anxiety, having a splendid time on Spark Night was the best thing ever. It was where I discovered how very talented Malaysian youths are. It was a night to remember.
In summary, it was the best camp I have ever been to. The people who I met and made friends with came from all over Malaysia of different religion and races. I will never forget them. This camp has enlightened me and made me think deeply about leadership and the importance of it for our community in the future.”

Wong Ai Ling
Wong Ai Ling, 15, SPARK 2014

“SPARK was a real adventure to me. I learnt about myself and also about how to be a better person and leader. I realised my potential, my strengths and my flaws. I’m better at time management and working together with new people. It was a pleasure to get to know and work with other youths from all over Malaysia.
Plus, I discovered all the great qualities of a leader and how to apply them in my daily life. For example, I improved my communication skills by interacting with all the participants.
Now I’m better at connecting with people around me. Carrying out a project to help the community made me feel like I could really inspire people one day.”

Got what it takes to be a Super Leader? Sign up for SPARK Auditions happening on September 19, 2015 at Leaderonomics Office. Click here to register now. Spaces are limited!

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