12 Steps To A Better Organisational Survival

May 15, 2015 1 Min Read

Succession planning is not just about identifying potential key leadership roles as successors. It is also about setting up proper succession processes that reach across ranks.

This includes identifying high potentials in the lowest levels of an organisation, and grooming them through development efforts to expand their knowledge, skills and competencies.

Here is a 12-step process (adapted from Halogen Software) to an effective succession plan to ensure the right talent pools are created to further take an organisation to greater heights.

Step 1

Identify all areas/functions currently strategic to organisation’s success and survival.

Step 2

Identify key roles and employees in these strategic areas/functions.

Step 3

Identify emerging areas/functions that will be strategic to future success and survival.

Step 4

Identify roles and employees in these emerging areas/functions.

Step 5

For each area/function/role, identify competencies, knowledge, skills and experience required for exceptional performance.

Step 6

Identify learning resources and initiatives that can help develop each competency.

Step 7

Identify high-performing employees.

Step 8

Identify all high-potential employees – those who demonstrate interest, drive and passion to progress in their careers.

Step 9

Hold “stay-interviews” with high-performing and high-potential employees. Find out what motivates, engages and frustrates them.

Step 10

Create talent pools for each current and emerging strategic area/function.

Step 11

Recruit from these talent pools when opportunities or vacancies open up.

Step 12

Repeat Step 1 and onwards.

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 16 May 2015

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