Leaderonomics.com Moves Into New Frontiers With Bahasa Malaysia Site

Mar 03, 2017 1 Min Read


“Almost 10 years before we set up Leaderonomics, I had a burning question that plagued me – why do certain communities thrive whilst others languish in poverty and despair. Leadership was a key missing element in all these communities but there was no means to bring leadership development to these communities….”
— Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO, Leaderonomics

Leaderonomics was birthed out of this burning question. A social enterprise, it is dedicated to making leadership development available to all. It believes that everyone matters and every individual represents a community, and that if we build every individual into a leader, communities will be transformed.

The organisation’s leadership development portal, Leaderonomics.com, plays a key role in reaching out to individuals and organisations who are keen on leadership development.

The portal features leadership insights and trends, best practice sharing by CEOs, thought leaders and HR leaders, as well as inspiring real-life stories of individuals exercising transformative leadership in their everyday lives.

“The focus, thus far, has been on the English-speaking community. In our quest to transform the nation, we feel we need to reach out and equip the non-English speaking communities in the country. For a start, we are looking at the Malay language-speaking community, especially those who are educated and are more proficient in the language,” says Roshan.

Visit the new leadership development portal at www.leaderonomics.com/bm

For further information, e-mail editor@leaderonomics.com

To learn more about Leaderonomics the organisation, visit www.leaderonomics.org

Kunjungilah portal baru pembangunan kepimpinan ini di www.leaderonomics.com/bm
Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila emel editor@leaderonomics.com

Untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai Leaderonomics sebagai organisasi sosial, kunjungilah www.leaderonomics.org

Kami berharap portal ini, yang muat dengan kandungan kepimpinan dalam bentuk artikel, podcast dan video, akan membantu memenuhi keperluan pembangunan kendiri dan profesional mereka yang lebih fasih dalam bahasa Malaysia.

Ini merupakan permulaan perjalanan yang mengujakan dalam aspirasi murni kami untuk membentuk individu menjadi pemimpin dan membina masyarakat penyayang di negara kita, bagaikan belakang parang kalau diasah lagikan tajam.

Yeoh Lin Lin
Editor Bahasa Malaysia





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