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Mar 20, 2015 1 Min Read


Compiled by LAY HSUAN, LIM

… on partner development

Mohindran Munusamy
Mohindran Munusamy
12-year partner, project manager, Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei

As a young father, I tend to work harder to benchmark my capacity – and with a reliable and trusted brand like Starbucks, it gives me a sense of relief that my son’s future is secured.
We never stop learning. I started off my career in operations. Starbucks then gave me the opportunity to join the Construction and Facilities team. I believe there are many more new opportunities with Starbucks.

Margaret Loh
Margaret Loh
15-year partner, Starbucks store manager

This April marks my 15 years at Starbucks and despite being 54, I am proud to be a Starbucks partner and will continue to provide “the third place” and great coffee for my customers! Aside from being a store manager, I am also a manager coach mentor to my partners. I strive to help them develop the necessary skills and knowledge to further advance in their career. There are always opportunity for career growth and development in Starbucks and I am happy to share my experience and train partners.

… on coffee and culture

Ayesha Dahlan
Ayesha Dahlan
10-year partner, Starbucks store manager

My journey started in July 2004 as a full-time barista. I worked my way up till I became a store manager in mid-June 2008. Throughout my years till my tenth year, Starbucks has grown, not only in store volume, but also in internal career opportunities. Starbucks’s mission has been personally embedded in every partner to be a better person. It also fuels our passion towards coffee, and helps us appreciate coffee farmers and the environment

Adi Fisfaisal
Adi Fisfaisal
Nine-year partner, Starbucks learning specialist

Here at Starbucks, we are all about sharing and creating moments of connection over coffee. I am a certified coffee master and have conducted many coffee tasting sessions and seminars throughout my journey at Starbucks. I am always excited to share my passion and knowledge towards coffee with my customers and partners. The experience is very rewarding for me especially when they appreciate and bond over coffee.

… on humanity and love

Desmond Soon
Desmond Soon
Two-year partner, Starbucks store manager

When I first participated in GMoS (Global Month of Service) in 2013, I was amazed by the number of participants we gathered to serve our community. The experience definitely inspired me to be a more responsible neighbour and active contributor to the community. I was given the opportunity last year to lead an entire district to create a lasting connection with the community. The initiative allowed me to be involved in community programmes and in return, to share our amazing stories with customers. With love, we serve.

Loh Kah Yan
Low Kah Yan
Six-year partner, Starbucks barista

I was a full-time barista when I first started working at Starbucks six years ago. As I needed to further my studies, I had to change my position to a part-time barista. I was involved in many CSR projects throughout the years and have been given the opportunity to meet various people and partners.
I enjoy bonding with the local community and making a difference to our environment. I realised how serious Starbucks is in preserving their community, and it greatly inspired me and other Starbucks partners.

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 21 March 2015

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