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Ameera Nur Diana Munawar
Ameera Nur Diana Munawar
Development executive

I have a background in engineering, and it made perfect sense for me to work at Sime Darby Property. When I joined, I knew that a career with Sime Darby Property would open up limitless possibilities, opportunities and exposure.

I am always learning. The diverse work culture in Sime Darby Property enables me to get an inside look into the overall development supply chain, from developing oil palm land right up to the final delivery of products to the end users. In addition, being a part of the company’s business processes allows me to have clear insights on the property development industry in Malaysia.

Sime Darby is an internationally renowned name. It’s also an industry leader in various industries, predominantly in property and plantation. Being a part of Sime Darby Property not only means that I get to be a part of the crème de la crème of the industry, but it also means that I belong to a much larger second family.

I feel that the company does not only focus on its core business. It also places a strong emphasis in creating a warm and sustainable work ambience. I enjoy working here. It always feels good to go to work in the morning.

Mohd Helmi Marzuki
Mohd Helmi Marzuki

Sime Darby Property is a well-established company with good track record and brand reputation. The stability of the company, good working environment and great employee stories were the attractions for me to come and work for the company.

I feel that the company supports my career aspirations and therefore, looks after my future.

I am encouraged to grow within the ranks, as there are clear and structured succession and talent management programmes available to keep me motivated and help me grow towards the next level.

Sime Darby Property is such a big part of my life. The working culture is among the best. From when I joined as a fresh graduate until today, with my status as a married man, Sime Darby Property has always been there for me.

Kanesan Velusamy
Kanesan Velusamy
Development manager

Sime Darby Property is one of the top-notch and reputable entities in the property sector, with a proven track record in HR. I work in this organisation because it offers a better environment for work life balance, with ample opportunities for learning and career advancement.

The company rewards innovation – this blends nicely with my proactive style. I like the fact that I am also given the opportunity to constantly challenge myself.

Sime Darby Property provides me room for growth in order to help me achieve my career goals. I had obtained my MBA and PMP in the last 10 years while working for the company.

The working culture in this company gives me great enthusiasm and makes me look forward to going to work every day. I wholeheartedly share the company’s core values. We work as a great team and I am proud to be an employee here.

I admire greatly the company’s products, management philosophy and values. I see a lot of effort put into giving value-added services to employees. For example, the company has a “Talent Management Policy” which is a stepping stone for career advancement and grooms employees for their next role. The company has rewarded me professionally, personally and financially.

Timothy Wong Wai Chuen
Timothy Wong Wai Chuen
Sales manager

I have always wanted to be a part of something ambitious. Sime Darby Property fits the bill. This company is the largest property developer in Malaysia and is still growing.

More importantly, I admire the company’s drive and success which stems from having a positive work culture and a caring attitude. At Sime Darby Property, employees are well taken care of. We are provided with a good balance of work and play!

One of the best things that happens at Sime Darby Property is that support begins the moment one seeks it. The company offers equal employment opportunity, clear performance indicators, plenty of resources and countless training programmes for employees to continuously learn and improve their skills.

Such platforms are crucial for anyone hoping to pursue a successful career. Sime Darby Property is where endless opportunities await.

In addition, being a part of this company is more than just being in a group of talented people, it also means being able to challenge each other positively while growing together to develop and improve the quality of life for the rakyat.

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Published in English daily The Star, Malaysia, 21 March 2015

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